Senin, 14 Desember 2009

More, Please

In a restaurant, a beggar approached a wealthy woman who was having dinner with her husband.
Beggar : Excuse me, Madam. I haven't eaten since this morning.
Hearing that, the woman whispered in her heart, "It is a pity."
She gave the beggar 1000 rupiahs.
Beggar: It is not enough, Madam.
Woman : How come?
Beggar : With this amount of money. I can't buy my favourite food - fried chicken

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Never Give Up

A failure is a reality that usually takes place in our daily life. No one like such a reality.
Having a failure makes us worry and doubt. When we fail in doing something, we seem to lose enthusiasm so that we will not try anymore. We submit ourselves to the reality without making efforts to find solution to our problems.

Wise people say that a failure is a chance for us to analyze, the only real failure is the failure which prevents us from trying further. As a result, we know that a failure is needed ; it is even part of our success. The following are suggestions or lessons that we learn from our failures.

1. A failure is an opportunity for us to examine whether we have done our best or not.
If not, that is a good moment to change our strategy.

2. A failure provides chances for us to introspect ourselves in order to find a remedy for the failure. It is quite difficult for us to assess ourselves, because we always tend to blame our failures on other people. We seldom think that we ourselves who cause the failures.

3. A failure does not mean the end of everything. But by having a failure, we will be motivated
to try and to work more seriously.

Now, we have to be brave to face and accept failures. Our failures can become our motivators.
The key point is that : Never give up when facing a failure.

Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009


There's no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue,
there's no joy in merely doing things which any one can do.
But there's some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take,
when you reach a destination that you thought you'd never make. ( Spirella )

Kamis, 19 November 2009

A Long Journey to be Healthy

Like a trip, health is a long journey which we take as long as we live.
Anybody who chooses a healthy way of life not only prepares well for the future well, but also enjoys life much better . The following are tips to live a healthy life.

A. Good Habits
To have a good health is not difficult. The difficulty is the shaping of healthy habits.
A simple example is the smoking habit. Even those who know about the disadvantages of smoking cannot leave this bad habit easily. It is easier to change a bad habit than to leave it all together.
If we have the smoking habit, for instance, it is better for us to change the habit by chewing fresh fruit.

B. Good Nutrition
Consuming good and nutritious food every day does not only make our body healthy but also give us sufficient energy for our daily activities. Much of our health is influenced by the food we consume. Therefor, if we consider our health important, we should have a positive attitude towards the food we eat. Consequently, we should be able to manage our own menu, choose good and nutritious meals, eat a balanced diet, and control ourselves so that we do not consume too much food.

C. Relationships and Feelings
Our relationships with people who are close to us can make our life healthy or damage our health. A good relationships with others is an influential factor to make us healthy. On the other hand, a bad relationship is a factor which can damage our health. A good relationship with others, such as friends and family members, and even pets and plants, has a good influenceon our health.
Our feeling can also influence our health. Feeling sad and being isolated, for example, can make us physically tired. In such condition, our body will change a certain chemical substance which can cause a predisposition to poor health. The latest psychological research done by Pinko L. Graves and Jhon W. Shaffer at Jhon Hopkins University, School of Medicine also proves that feeling is an influential factor to make us healthy or sick. According to the research, people who constantly feel lonely and show bad temper and engaged in negative thinking might possibly suffer from cancer at some future time.

D. Rest and Relaxation
Air, water and food, are the sources of fuel for our body. While we are doing our activities, our muscles, joints and minds are busy. Relaxation and rest give them time to be free from their tasks. Rest and relaxation are important factors to gather new energy that we need to do the next activities.
Sleeping at night is an example of a perfect rest. Self - healing happens while we are sleeping. When we sleep, our bodies prepare for future activities and repair the damaged cells.

E. Activities and Sports
Both activities and sports involve the muscle of he body.
Most of our daily activities need the involvement of our muscles. We need exercises to keep our strength in balance. Those who exercise regularly will have a fit body, mental alertness, and a calmer attitude. Sports indeed have many advantages; these include a good stamina, more energy, a better body shape, a calm mind, healthy heart and lungs, and a longer life.

Senin, 16 November 2009

Does the Dog Know?

Budi and Iwan went to Tuti's house.
After arriving there, Budi rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door.
Suddenly, Tuti's big dog appeared and barked at Budi and Iwan fiercely.
Both Budi and Iwan were scarred.
" Calm down," said Budi, gathering his courage. "My father told me that when we meet a fierce dog , we should squat, then the dog will run away."
" Oh, yeah, sure!" said Iwan in a trembling voice.
" Has your father told the dog about it?

Rabu, 11 November 2009


Entah mengapa kini kurasakan
Betapa kau sangat berarti bagiku
Kenangan - kenangan indah bersamamu
Tak kan pernah kulupakan

Ada getar perasaan aneh di hatiku
Mungkinkah engkau juga merasakannya.......?

Kini kumelihat kau cukup jauh dariku
Tapi apa arti semua itu...........?

Minggu, 08 November 2009


Bila hatimu sebening air
Jangan biarkan jadi keruh
Bila hatimu seputih awan
Jangan biarkan diselimuti mendung
Bila hatimu secerah bulan
Hiasilah dengan iman

Selasa, 03 November 2009


Every organization needs a good leader, but not all people have qualities to become a leader.
Some people think that the leader's job is in getting work done by other people, or in getting people work for you when they are under no obligation to do so, etc. No matter what point we start from in a discussion of leadership, we inevitably reach the conclusion that the art of being a leader is the art of developing people.

Whilst it is true that those in authority can be trained and educated for their tasks, they must have certain qualities which can be developed for effective leadership.

A. Basic Qualities
1. Understanding
A leader must try to understand people and their behaviors, why they react in different ways and have diverse needs.

2. Ability to enlist cooperation
The striving, planning and working towards a common goal must be a united effort based on mutual respect.

3. Ability to delegate
Those who cannot delegate will never be successful leaders. Not only do they become overwhelmed and incapable of performing their true functions, they also deprive others of opportunity and of finding satisfaction in their work.

4. Wisdom
Wise judgement and the ability to make decisions are vital and justice can never be separated from judgement. The leader needs courage, knowledge, facts and must have the wisdom to make wise decisions.

B. Personal Qualities
1. Self control and self respect.
The leader who understands himself is in a position to exercise self control.
This understanding does not mean introspection, but the ability to recognize his own weakness and be sufficiently humble to conduct himself with poise and serenity which in turn produces self-respect.

2. Beliefs and values.
The personality of the individual will influence the quality of leadership.
Beliefs, values and attitudes are part of the make up of people and can influence the whole of their conducts.

3. Moral courage and determination.
One of the most important function of a leader is to give support in times of stress, giving the encouragement and sympathy that is needed in order to progress through a period of trial or strain.

4. Sense of humor.
This is a great asset. There are few occasions which can not be lightened by cheerful counenance and frequently there is room for optimism. Leadership should be enjoyed and it should contact with people with the possibility of happiness depending on how the person looks at the situation.

If all these qualities are considered together, they will be found in a person whose character is harmony, someone who posses through self-knowledge and appreciation of the needs of others, a balanced objective outlook which can control and direct a situation and bring out the best in them.

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Temukan Cinta Anda

Bila anda tak mencintai pekerjaan anda,
maka cintailah orang - orang yang bekerja dengan anda.
Rasakan kegembiraan dari pertemanan itu.
Dan, pekerjaanpun jadi menggembirakan.

Bila anda tak bisa mencintai rekan - rekan kerja anda,
maka cintailah suasana dan gedung kantor anda.
Ini mendorong anda untuk bergairah berangkat kerja dan melakukan
tugas - tugas dengan lebih baik lagi.

Bila toh anda juga tidak bisa melakukannya,
cintai setiap pengalaman pulang pergi dari dan ke tempat kerja anda.
Perjalanan yang menyenangkan akan menjadikan tujuan tampak
menyenangkan juga.

Namun, bila anda tak menemukan kesenangan di sana,
maka cintai apa pun yang bisa anda cintai dari kerja anda :
tanaman, penghias meja, cicak di atas dinding, atau
gumpalan awan dari balik jendela.
Apa saja.

Bila anda tak menemukan yang bisa anda cintai dari pekerjaan anda,
maka mengapa anda ada di situ?
Tak ada alasan bagi anda untuk tetap bertahan.
Cepat pergi dan carilah apa yang anda cintai, lalu bekerjalah di sana.
Hidup hanya sekali
Tak ada yang lebih indah selain melakukan dengan rasa cinta yang tulus.

Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

A Love Test

Betty was a very beautiful girl. Many boys were in love with her, yet no one succeeded in winning her heart.
One day, a boy who was in love with Betty had a conversation with her.
"Betty, will you be my girlfriend?" asked the boy.
"Well, will you do everything for me if you become my boyfriend?" Betty questioned back.
"No, of course not!" replied the boy confidently.
"Well, I'll be your girlfriend, then," said Betty unexpectedly. "I've only got an honest answer from you."

Through the Wall

"What do you think about the performance?" a boy asked his friend on their way home from a magic-show.
"Not so fantastic, especially the performance of walking through the wall," replied the other boy.
"I walk through the wall every day without any difficult."
"Really?" his friend said surprise. "How?"
"I just walk through the door."

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

How To Be A Loyal Friend

Anyone of us, everyone, can be loyal to our friends
A loyal person is the one who knows and upholds his dignity. Loyal people put themselves in a place that they should be. Loyalty is the "game" for honorable people as Latin proverb says : " Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart."

The problem is you may think that you are a loyal person to your closes friends, but you do things that indicate you are not. It means that you don't know how to be loyal, although you want to be so. In fact, to be a loyal friend is not easy. Anyway, if you can be one and have one, you are most likely going to have a qualified life and be happy. A French proverb puts it this way: "A faithful friend is an image of God."

Here are some inspirations of becoming a loyal friend :
1. A loyal friend doesn't reveal his friend's secret. Whatever secret your friend has, you should keep it for yourself. You can reveal it to others if your friend tells you so. The more significant his secret is, the more careful you have to keep it. You are even required to tell a lie, if you are force to tell it. Once you reveal your friend's secret, especially if it spawns hostility to your friend, you are no longer loyal to him.

2. A loyal friend only tells his secret to his friend. It means that he believes and trusts his friend. Good friendship is when you can be yourself as sincerely as possible. You are not in the good relationship, if you have to be pretending to be someone else. Healthy friendship is two direction relationship. He keeps your secrets, and you keep his secrets. If you don't trust your friend, you are no longer loyal to her.

3. A loyal friend doesn't let his friend make mistakes. A loyal friend always care about his friend. Once you let your friend make a mistake while you know and have time to straighten it, but you don't do it, you are not a loyal friend. Loyal friends share experiences, good or bad. The bigger mistake your friend is going to make, the more obliged you are to tell him how bad it will likely give impact on him

4. A loyal friend lets his friend grow and develop. A loyal friend doesn't want to be a nuisance in his friend's education and life. A good friendship takes place if those who are in the friendship can grow and develop together. Good friends want to be good people together. They also support one another to achieve their ambition and life goals.

5. A loyal friend doesn't want to badmouth his friend. there is no time for gossip to grow in the good relationship. Once you hear something strange about your friend, you feel free to clarify it. It is not that you want to take a control of your friend, you only want to know the truth for the sake of friendship. In good friendship you can to talk to your friend, man to man. Badmouthing and friendship can not go together. Over and above, there is only two choices you have, and you have to take only one of the two. You want to be his friend or you want to be her friend or you want to badmouth him.

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Black and White

Black ......
Like the charcoal and ink
Symbolizing the darkness and negative thinking

Like the snow and milk
Symbolizing the brightness and the holy hearts

Black and white
Having contrast value
Black and white
Having different characteristic

Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

Mmpercantik Bulu Mata

Punya bulu mata yang cantik adalah idaman bagi setiap wanita.
Bulu mata yang cantik adalah bulu mata yang lentik.
Pandangan mata seseorang yang berbulu mata lentik bagaikan besi sembrani, bisa membuat orang terpesona.

Bagaimana agar bulu mata kita tampak cantik dan lentik tanpa harus ke salon?
Perawatan bulu mata ini dapat dilakukan sendiri di rumah dengan cara yang gampang dan sederhana. Ikutilah petunjuk di bawah ini.
Sediakan :
- Lidah buaya
- Tangkai daun sirih

Caranya :
Tangkai sirih dicelupkan pada lendir lidah buaya lalu dioleskan pada bulu mata.
Hentikan dulu pemakaian maskara.
Lakukanlah hal ini pagi dan sore. Bila anda rajin melakukan perawatan dengan cara tradisional ini maka dalam waktu yang tidak begitu lama bulu mata akan menjadi cantik dan lentik.

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009


The young man who has the combination of the learning of books with the learning which comes of doing things with the hands need not worry about getting along in the world of today, or at any time ( William S. Knudsen )

Rabu, 30 September 2009

Taking a Vacation at Tawangmangu Landscape

Last year ago I and my village friends took a vacation at Tawangmangu landscape.
We went Tawangmangu landscape by bus. Tawangmangu landscape was a interesting place that located in Karanganyar, Surakarta, Central Java exactly at foot of Lawu mountain.
To reach there we needed time for 1,5 hours from Surakarta.

When of our traveling got reach at Karanganyar, we passed a sinuous road, and the beside of road be found the ravine. We had to be careful when passed the sinuous road, because it was very dangerous.

Not long we had arrived at Tawangmangu landscape. Many people who spent time their vacation.
In there we could find many fresh vegetables and many fresh fruits like carrot, radish, sweet potato, orange and strawberry. How exciting!!

It was cool the weather in Tawangmangu landscape. There were many leafy trees its surrounding. Besides that there were some wild monkeys in its surrounding. Be careful with the wild monkeys, because something which we brough would be asked by he wild monkeys, if we didn't give them so they attacked us.

It was most interesting at Tawangmangu landscape, that was the waterfall its named "Grojogan Sewu waterfall" There was the river under the Grojogan Sewu waterfall. What a beautiful and amazing it. Besides, we enjoyed the waterfall, we could swim at the swiming pool in there.

Sabtu, 12 September 2009

Tips Sukses di Tempat Kerja

Setiap karyawan selalu ingin memberikan yang terbaik kepada perusahaan. Tapi persaingan ketat serta berbagai kesulitan selalu menghantui kita sebagai karyawan. Berikut tips sederhana kita agar sukses.

1. Konsentrasi
Faktor terpenting dalam bekerja adlah konsentrasi. Anada dapat memperoleh keberhasilan apabila konsentrasi baik. Karena dengan konsentrasi yang terbagi akan membuat pekerjaan makin rumit, pikiran anda akan buyar dan mustahil melakukan pekerjaan dengan baik.

2. Cek Data
Nggak ada salahnya mempersiapkan lebih dahulu kelengkapan untuk menunjang pekerjaan kita. Semakin lengkap dan tersiapkan data tersebut, pekerjaan akan semakin ringan dan cepat. Sisakan waktu luang mencari - cari data kebutuhan tersebut. Sehingga bila deadline mengikat nggak perlu kewalahan lagi.

3. Hayati dan Kuasai Prosedur
Dengan menguasai prosedur yang ada, anda tidak akan merasa seperti anak hilang. Dengan begitu anda tidak perlu canggung / kebingungan sehingga harus bertanya kesana kemari. Anda tidak perlu langsung mempelajarinya sendiri. Contek saja sikap dan pelajari seksama mulai dari rekan anda bekerja. Artinya anda akan mudah memprioritaskan apa yang semestinya andakerjakan saat ini.

4. Ciptakan Kesan Menyenangkan
Ketika bekerja anda harus sebisa mungkin menciptakan kesan menyenangkan. Mulai dari kerapian meja kerja, kebersihan serta cara berpakaian.
Atur meja kerja serapi dan seorganisir mungkin. Hal ini akan lebih baik karena saat anda membutuhkan sesuatu nggak perlu buang - buang waktu mencari alat tersebut.

5. Kerja Sama dalam Team
Kemampuan membagi tugas dengan rekan kerja merupakan faktor penting dalam bekerja, Koordinasikan dengan baik mulai dari bawahan dan atasan. Saling mengisi kekurangan, bahu membahu dan selalu menjalin komunikasi aktif dan sehat.

6. Tahan Banting
Kemampuan bekerja dibawah tekanan, deadline dan target, di luar jam kerja, dimarahi atasan dapat mempengaruhi dri kita maka dari itu kita harus tahan banting baik mental maupun fisik. Bila anda stress akan lebih mudah terserang penyakit dbanding enjoy dalam bekerja.

7. Kreatif dan Inovasi
Ciptakan hal yang baru dan segar. Kerjakan tugas dengan baik. Seperti over target, efisiensi dalam waktu dan lain - lain. Dalam rapat usahakan anda selalu memberikan masukkan bermanfaat. Dengan begitu perusahaan akan memperhitungkan keberadaan anda di kantor.

8. Belajar Amat dan Evaluasi
Ada beberapa hal yang perlu dilakukan seperti belajar mengamati dan mengevaluasi.
Dengan demikian pengalaman dan referensi anda akan meningkat, selain itu anda akan lebih peka membaca situasi dan mencari solusi bila ada permasalahan.

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Because of Love

Because of love bitterness becomes sweetness
Because of love poison becomes potion
Because of love sadness becomes happiness
Because of love badness becomes goodness
Because of love hate becomes pleasure

Because of love copper becomes gold
Because of love slave becomes king
Because of love death becomes life
Because of love cruel becomes learned

Because of love..........

Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Kesenangan dan Kesedihan

Kesenanganmu adalah kesedihan yang tersembunyi.
Dan dalam diri yang sama dari mana tawamu bangkit adalah diri yang sering kali kau penuhi dengan air mata.
Bagaimana tidak?
Semakin dalam kesedihan menggali lubang dalam wujudmu, semakin banyak kesenangan yang akan kau tampung.

Bukankah gelas yang menyimpan anggurmu adalah gelas yang dibakar bersama tembikar?
Dan tidakkah seruling yang melambungkan jiwamu adalah bambu yang dikerat dengan pisau?
Ketika engkau gembira, lihatlah di kedalaman hatimu, dan engkau akan melihat bahwa sebenarnya engkau sedang meratatapi sesuatu yang pernah menjadi kebahagianmu

Di antaramu ada yang berkata, "Kesenangan lebih besar dari kesedihan," dan yang lain berkata, bukan kesedihan "Bukan, kesedihanlah yang lebih besar."
Tapi ku katakan kepadamu, keduanya tak terpisahkan.
Bersama mereka datang, dan ketika salah satu dudukberceng kerama di beranda, maka yang lain sedang berbaring menunggumu di tempat tidur.
Sesungguhnyalah engkau bergerak sepeerti skala yang berayun antara kesedihan dan kesenanganmu.

Hanya jika engkau kosong, maka engkau dapat berada pada keadaan tetap dan seimbang.
Ketika sang Penjaga Harta mengangkatmu untuk mengukur emas dan peraknya, maka ia memerlukan kesenangan atau kesedihanmu dan menjadikannyabergerak naik dan turun

Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009


History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed.
They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. ( B.C. Forbes )

Sejarah telah memperlihatkan bahwa para pemenang yang paling terkenal biasanya menemui rintangan yang menyayat hati sebelum mereka menang.
Mereka menang karena mereka tidak mau patah semangat oleh kekalahan - kekalahan mereka.

Source : English Proverbs and Quotations
by Hendro Darsono, S.E.
published by Dioma, Malang

Kamis, 30 Juli 2009

Minyak Tanah di Daerahku Sudah Langka

Penggunaan bahan bakar minyak tanah yang telah akrab dengan masyarakat kalangan menengah ke bawah di daerah ku kini telah bergeser dari peredarannya. Hal ini terasa sejak adanya konversi gas pertengahan tahun yang lalu, di mana penggunaan minyak tanah sebagai bahan bakar untuk rumah tangga ( untuk memasak ) diganti dengan bahan bakar gas

Sebenarnya sebagian masyarakat, ada yang ingin bertahan menggunakan bahan bakar minyak tanah dengan beberapa alasan ada yang belum siap, takut meledak dan sebagainya.

Kini setelah konversi gas berlangsung perlahan -lahan minyak tanah mulai langka. Para penjual baik sebagai distributor maupun pengecer jarang ada yang menjual minyak tanah, meskipun ada hanya kecil sekali dan itupun dengan harga yang mahal melebihi harga bensin, 1 liter bensin Rp 5.000,- sedangkan minyak tanah 1 liter Rp 6.000,-. Kelangkaan dan kenaikan harga minyak tanah yang begitu mencolok membuat gundah sebagian masyarakat yang belum siap menggunakan gas. Bagi mereka yang tinggal di desa penggunaan bahan bakar kayu menjadi alternatif. Di desa masih banyak pepohonan, mereka menggunakan dahan dan ranting yang kering sebagai bahan bakar alternatif untuk memasak.

Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Men Are Marvelous Creatures

If you kiss him, he kisses you back
If you don't, he patiently waits
If you praise him, he says thanks you
If you don't. he feels secure in your love
If you agree to all his likes, you have met your fantasy man
If you don't, you still get along
If you visit him often, he welcomes you every time
If you don't, he will visit you instead
If you are well dressed, he says you are beautiful
If you don't, you are still beautiful
If you are jealous, he reassures you and hold you and holds you
If you 're not, he gives you no reason to be
If you attempt a romance, he sweeps you off your feet
If you don't, he will love you from afar
If he is late, he apologizes and makes it up to you
If you are a minute late, he is grateful for you arrival
If you visit another man, he is secure that you love only him
If he is visited by another woman, we are secure that he loves only you
If you kiss him once in a while, he is appreciative of your affection
If you kiss him often, he will always have you on his mind
If he failsto help you in crossing the street, you know you're a big girl
If he does, he shows that he will always be there for you
If you stare at another man, he knows that you are only admiring
If he is stared at by other women, you know why he is one hot babe
If you talk, he will always listen
If you listen, he will tell you anything you want to know

Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

Women Are Complex Creatures

If you kiss her, you are not gentleman
If you don't, you are not a man
If you praise her, she thinks you are lying
If you don't, you are good for nothing
If you agree to all her likes, you are a wimp
If you don't, you are not understanding
If you visit her often, she thinks it is boring
If you don't she accuses you of double - crossing
If you are well , dressed , she says you are a playboy
If you don't, you are a dull boy
If you are jealous she says it's bad
If you don't, she thinks you do not love her
If you attempt didn't a romance, she says you didn't respect her
If you don't, she thinks you do not like her
If you are a minute late, she complains it's hard to wait
If she is late, she says that's a girl's way
If you visit another man, you're not in "quality time"
If she is visited by another woman "oh it's natural, we are girls"
If you kiss her once in a while, she professes you are cold
If you kiss her often, she yells that you are taking advantage
If you fail to help her in crossing the street, you lack ethics
If you do, she thinks it's just one of men's tactics for seduction
If you stare at another woman, she accuses you of flirting
If she is stared by other men, she says that they are just admiring
If you talk, she wants you to listen
If you listen, she wants you to talk

Senin, 13 Juli 2009

He's Gone

He is my best friend
He always help me
He is a patient person
He is a wisely person
But now he's gone

He is my close friend
He always see my feeling
He always has time for me
He always attention me
But now he's gone

He's gone for forever
He 's gone to meet God
He's found the peaceful and lasting place
He's been quiet in there

Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Khasiat Air Kelapa Muda Hijau

Kesehatan memang mahal harganya, tak seopangpun yang menginginkannya hidup untuk sakit. Pasti kita semua pengin hidup sehat walafiat dan terhindar dari berbagai macam penyakit.
Racun yang tertimbun yang tertimbun di dalam tubuh kita akan menjadi sumber penyakit. Oleh karena itu kita harus membuang racun yang bersarang di tubuh kita.

Barang kali kita tak pernah menduganya, kalau air kelapa muda hijau ternyata bisa mengantisipasi racun dalam tubuh kita, lebih dari itu air kelapa muda hijau juga bisa mengatasi berbagai macam kasus keracunan, baik keracunan makanan, minuman maupun obat - obatan.

Memang belum ada lembaga kesehatan bidang terkait yang meneliti tentang khasiat air kelapa muda hijau. Selama ini kita hanya tahu air kelapa hijau hanya bisa dibuat untuk minuman segar es kelapa muda saja.

Di lingkungan saya terutama keluarga saya yang masih mendominasi penggunaan obat - obatan tradisional air kelapa muda hijau digunakan untuk mengatasi keracunan. Pernah suatu ketika keponakan saya mengkonsumsi makanan yang telah kedalu warsa, karena ketidak telitian ataupun lalai tiba - tiba muntah dan pusing, sebagai penolongan pertama dikasihlah minum air kelapa muda hijau yang masih murni. Lambat laun muntah dan rasa pusing hilang.

Sebenarnya penggunaan air kelapa muda hijau untuk mengatasi keracunan merupakan resep tradisional warisan leluhur yang turun temurun.

Untuk mendapatkan khasiat yang bagus, usahakan waktu mengambil kelapa muda hijau dari pohonnya tersebut tidak jatuh ke tanah, melainkan diambil dengan cara memanjat dan memetiknya kemudian dibawa turun.

Senin, 29 Juni 2009


Milikilah :

- Sebuah hati yang tak pernah membenci.

- Sebuah senyuman yang tak pernah pudar.

- Sebuah sentuhan yang tak pernah menyakiti.

- Sebuah pertemanan yang tak pernah berakhir.

Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 4 )

The innocent ones will be rejected
Tin will be thought to be silver
Gold will be thought to be copper
A rice cooker will be thought to be an egret
The sinful ones will be safe and live in tranquility
The poor will be blamed

The unemployed will be rooted up
The diligent ones will be forced down
The people will seek revenge against the fiercely violent ones
Workers will suffer from overwork
The rich will feel unsafe
People who belong to the upper class will feel insecure
Happiness will belong to evil persons
Troublel will belong to the poor

Many will sue each other
Human behaviour will fall short of moral enlightenment
Leaders will discuss and choose which countries are their favourites and which ones are not

Hurrah! hurrah!
The javanese will remain half
The Dutch and the Chinese each will remain a pair
Many become stingy
The stingy ones will not get their portion
The ones who receive their portion will be generous

Street beggars will be every where
Bewildered persons will be everywhere
These are the sign that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down

Source : Anonim

Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 3 )

The numbers of evil doers will increase sharply
There will be more criminals
The good people will live in misery
There will be many people die in a war
Others will be disoriented, and their property burnt
The honest will be confused
The dishonest will be joyful

There will be disappearance of great riches, titles, and jobs
There will be many illegal goods
There will be many babies born without fathers
Those people who forget God's will may be happy on earth
But those who are remember God's will are destined to be happier still

Ruthlessness will become worse
Everywhere the situation will be chaotic
Doing business will be more difficult
Workers will challenge their employers
The employers will become bait for their employees
Those who speak out will be more influential

The wise ones will be ridiculed
The evil ones will be worshiped
The knowledgeable ones will show no compassion
The pursuit of materials comfort will incite crime
Job titles will become enticing
Those who act arbitrarily will feel as if they are the winners

Those who act wisely will feel as if everything is wrong
There will be leaders who are weak in their faith
Their vice regent will be selected from among the ranks of the gamblers
Those who have a holy heart will be rejected
Those who are evil, and know how to flatter their boss, will be promoted

Human exploitation will be worse
The corpulent thieves will be able to sit back and relax
The hen will hact eggs in a carrying pole
Thieves will not be afraid to challenge the target
Robbers will dissent into greater evil
Looters will be given applause
People will slander their caregivers

Guards will steel the very things they are to protect
Guarantors will ask for collateral
Many will ask for blessings
Everybody will compete for personal victory
Ruthlessness will be everywhere

Religions will be questioned
Many people will be greedy for power, wealth and position
Rebelliousness will increase
Religious law will be broken
Human rights will be violated
Ethics will left behind

Many will be insane, cruel and immoral
Ordinary people will be segregated
They will become the victims of evil and cruel persons
Then there will come a queen who is influential
She will have her own armies
Her country will measured one-eighth the circumference of the world
The number of people who commit bribery will increase
The evil ones will be accepted

Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 2 )

There will be many worthy of damnation
There will be many betrayals
Children will be against father
Siblings will be against siblings
Friends will become enemies
Students will show hostility toward teachers

Neighbours will become suspicious of each other
And ruthles ness will be everywhere
The eyewitness has to take the responsibility
The ones who have nothing to do with the case will be prosecuted

One day when there will armagedon
In the east, in the west, in the south, and in the north
Good people will suffer more
Bad people will be happier
When this happens, a rice cooker will be said to be an egret

The wrong person will be assumed to be honest
Betrayers will live in the utmost of material comfort
The deceitful will decline even further
The evil persons will rise to the top
The modest will be trapped
The noble will be imprisoned
The fraudulent will be ferocious
The honest will unlucky

Many merchants will fly in a mess
Gamblers will become more addicted to gambling
Illegal things will be everywhere
Many babies will be born outside of legal marriage
Women will propose marriage
Men will lower their own status

The merchandise will be left unsold
Many people will suffer from starvation and inability to afford clothing
Buyers will become more sophisticated
Sellers will have to use their brains and mucle to do business

In the way they earn a living, people will be as rice paddies being swung
Around and blown up
Some will go wild out of control
Those who are not ambitious will complaint of being left behind
The ones on the top will get lostThe ordinary people will slip

The arrogant ones will be impaled
The fearful ones will not survive
The risk takers will be successful
The ones who are afraid of taking the risks will be crushed under foot

The careless ones will be wealthy
The careful ones will whine about their suffering
The crazy ones will get their portion
The ones who are mentally and physically healthy will think wisely
The farmers will be controlled

Those who are corrupt will spend their fortune lavishly
The queen who does not keep her promises will lose her power
The leaders will become ordinary persons
The ordinary people will become leaders
The dishonest persons will rise to the top

The honest ones will be unlucky
There will be many people own a house on horseback
People will attack other people
Children will ignore their fathers
Parents will not want to take their responsibility as parents
Merchants will sell out of their merchandise
Yet, they will lose money

Many people will die from starvation in prosperous times
Many people will have lots of money yet, be unhappy in their lives
The crazy one will be beautifully attired
The insane will be able to build a lavish estate
The ones who are fair and sane will suffer in their lives in will be isolated
There will be internal wars
As a result of misunderstandings between those at the top

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 1 )

Jayabaya was the famous King in Kediri Kingdom.
He lead his government in the year 1135 - 1157 M. Jayabaya was great with his prediction about situation and condition of Java Island in the next future.

The below the content of Jayabaya prediction :

One day there will be a cart without a horse
The island of Java will be circled by an iron necklace
There will be a boat flying in the sky
The river will loose its current
There will be markets without crowds
These are the signs that the Jayabaya era is coming.

The earth will shrink
Every inch of land will be taxed
Horses will devour chili sauce
Women will dress in men's clothes
These are the signs that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down.

Many promises unkept
Many break their oath
People will tend to blame on each other
They will ignore God's law
Evil things will be lifted up
Holy things will be despised.

Many people will become fixated on money
Ignoring humanity
Forgetting kindness
Abandoning their families.

Fathers will abandon their children
Children will be disrespectful to their mothers
And battle against their fathers
Siblings will collide violently
Family members will become suspicious of each other.

Friends become enemies
People will forget their roots
The queen's judgements will be unjust
There will be many peculiar and evil leaders
Many will behave strangely.

Good people will be isolated
Many people will be too embarrassed to do the right things
Choosing falsehood instead
Many will be lazy to work
Seduced by luxury
They will take the easy path of crime and deceit.

The honest will be confused
The dishonest will be joyful
The good will be rejected
The evil ones will rise to the top.

Noble people will be wounded by unjust criticism
Evil doers will be worshiped
Women will become shameless
Men will loose their courage
Men will choose not to get married
Women will be unfaithful to their husbands.

Mothers will sell their babies
Women will engage in prostitution
Couples will trade partners
Women will ride horses
Men will be carried in a stretcher.

A divorcee will be valued at 17 cents
A virgin will be valued at 10 cents
A crippled men will be valued at 75 cents
Many will earn their living by trading their knowledge.

Many will claims other's merits as their own
It is only a cover for the dice
They will proclaim their righteousness despite their sinful ways.

Many will use sly and dirty tricks
Rains will fall in the wrong season
Many women will remain virgins into their old age
Many divorcees will give birth
Newborns will search for their fathers.

Religions will be attacked
Humanitarianism will no longer have importance
Holy temples will be hated
They will be more fond of praising evil places
Prostitution will be everywhere.

Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

Mengatasi Sukar Tidur

Bila seseorang sedang gak enak badan atau sakit biasanya susah tidur nyenyak, Pemakaian obat penenang atau obat tidur sangat tidak dianjurkan kecuali atas petunjuk dokter, selain itu pemakaian obat kimia ( obat tidur ) yang tidak terkontrol akan menimbulkan ketergantungan obat dan efek samping yang tidak diinginkan.

Nah, di postingan ini saya akan memberikan resep alami ( tradisional ) pengganti obat tidur yang biasa digunakan orang - orang pedesaan yang masih lekat dengan pengobatan tradisional warisan leluhur. Resep ini begitu sederhana dan mudah dicari bahan - bahannya.

Untuk mengatasi sukar tidur karena sedang gak enak badan atau sakit, sediakan sebuah biji pala, kupas kulitnya kemudian digerus halus, beri sedikit air hingga berbentuk pasta lalu tempelkan pada pelipis penderita.

Sedangkan untuk mengatasi sukar tidur nyenyak bukan karena sakit melainkan gangguan sistem syaraf yang tidak bekerja dengan sempurna atau pikiran sedang kalut ( usahakan segala problem yang mengganggu pikiran diselesaikan dulu atau sharing biar perasaan plong atau lega ). Ramuan tradisional yang digunakan adalah sebagai berikut :
- 20 gram daun kangkung diiris halus
- 10 gram biji jintan
- 30 gram daun pegagan
- 10 gram ketumbar digerus halus
- 15 gram asam jawa
- 450 cc air
Rebus semua bahan di atas hingga mendidih, rebusan ini diminum untuk sehari suntuk. Selain itu usahakan mandi dengan air hangat, karena dengan mandi air hangat syaraf yang tegang akan mengendur.
Mudah - mudahan postingan ini bermanfaat.

Senin, 11 Mei 2009

The Miracle and Wierld Pond

There is a miracle and wierld pond near my house.
The pond's name is Coweran Pond. It located about 7 km from Klaten city, exactly at Sonayan, Jagalan, Karangnongko, Klaten.

Why do I and the people who stay its surrounding say that the Coweran Pond is miracle and wierld? Because the Coweran Pond have mystical value.
What is that
That is the water of the Coweran Pond can overcome the person who get sick be caused mystical such as black magic or soon.
How to use the water of the Coweran Pond to overcome the person who get sick caused black magic? The water which be taken from the Coweran Pond must be prayed by local elders or Islam priest who stay at its surrounding.

There is experience from someone, his name Mr.G.
He is his friend my brother. Two years ago Mr.G 's village just was holding selection of chief village. Mr. G was candidate of chief village. Short in story he got black magic from his rival.
By his family, Mr.G was given water from the Coweran Pond which had be prayed by elders ( Islam priest ). Finally, he was free from black magic.

The above story is one of all experiences from people who use water from the Coweran Pond to overcome black magic.
So, some people from the other region use the water of the Coweran Pond to overcome their family who get sick be caused black magic.

Jumat, 01 Mei 2009


Success is a journey, not a destiny.
It should be enjoyed through the entire trip, not endured until the final reward. ( Art Linkletter )

Sukses adalah sebuah perjalanan, bukan nasib.
Ia harus dinikmati di keseluruhan perjalan itu, bukan ditanggung hingga ganjaran terakhir.

Source : English Proverbs and Quotations
by Hendro Darsono, S.E.
Dioma publishing, Malang

Sabtu, 25 April 2009


We buy something with money
We pay something with money
Without it, we nothing everything

Everybody works to get money
To fulfill his needs
To survive his life

It is very important in the world of business
It leads economy in the world
Without it, the world is buried

Sabtu, 18 April 2009

Mengapa Ongkos Reparasi Handphone Mahal

Mengapa ongkos reparasi hanpdhone mahal? pertanyaan seperti itu tak asing saya dengar dari para pengguna ponsel, yang kebetulan ponselnya mengalami problem ataupun rusak. Barangkali pembaca juga ada yang sependapat dengan pertanyaan seperti di atas.

Sebagai contoh Si A suatu hari datang ke counter reparasi HP ingin memperbaiki HPnya yang bermasalah yaitu mati karena tercelup air. Setelah selesai direparasi HP Si A yang bermerk Nokia N70 dikenakan biaya 75 ribu rupiah tanpa ada sperpart yang diganti. Juga Si B ingin memperbaiki HPnya yang bermerk Nokia 6600 karena pecah LCDnya. Setelah HPnya jadi dikenakan biaya Rp 325 ribu rupiah, bahkan sebelumnya pernah ditanyakan di counter reparasi lain ganti LCD HPnya tesebut dikenakan biaya 400 ribu rupiah. Juga lagi Si X memperbaiki HPnya yang bermerk Sony Ericso K510i yang error softwarenya dikenakan biaya 45 ribu rupiah.

Memang ongkos reparasi ponsel tak ada pathokan / batas ongkos yang standar seperti harga beras atau harga BBM. Para tehnisi atau usahawan reparasi reparasi handphone mengenakan ongkos reparasi ponsel karena beberapa faktor, diantaranya;
  • Komponen / sperpart ataupun jalur - jalur komponen handphone sangat relatif kecil sekali ukurannya, sehingga untuk memperbaiki dibutuhkan keahlian dan pengetahuan yang cukup, juga kehati - hatian dan ketelitian serta penglihatan yang bagus bahkan ada yang menggunakan kaca pembesar untuk memeperbaiki handphone. Faktor ini yang menyebabkan ongkos reparasi handphone mahal karena seorang tehnisi handphone juga memperhitungkan faktor kegagalan seperti pd waktu memanaskan komponen - komponen handphone dengan alat pemanas yang biasa disebut blower dengan suhu daripada blower tsb mencapai 400 derajat Celcius dan memecahkan salah satu komponen. Tentunya tehnisi juga tak mau terlalu rugi bila terjadi hal hal yang tidak diinginkan.
  • Belum banyak tempat reparasi handphone, karena counter handphone ataupun outlet isi ulang pulsa belum tentu melayani perbaikan handphone.
Postingan ini smoga menjadi wawasan bagi pembaca.

Senin, 13 April 2009

Function of Community Network

Before computer took center stage, the term community network was a sociological concept that described the rich web of communications and relationships in a community.

Recently, community member and activists all over the world are developing these community networks, often in conjunction with other local institutions including colleges and universities, libraries, local governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

These community network some with user populations in the tens of thousands are intended to advance social goals, such as building economic opportunities in disadvantaged community. A community network accomplishes these goals by supporting smaller communities within the larger community and by facilitating the exchange of information between individuals and these smaller communities. Another community network objective is to provide electronic one stop stop shopping for community information and communication, by using discussing forums, question and answer forums ; electronic access for government employees, information and access to social services, electronic mail, internet services including access to the World Wide Web.

Community members interact with community network in various ways. Community network terminals can be set up at public places like libraries, school, community and senior centers, social service agencies, shopping mall. Community networks can also be accessible from home via computers and increasingly from the internet.

In recent years, activist have also been establishing community computing-centers where people, often in low-income neighborhoods, can become comfortable and adept with computer application and network services.

The actual services on a community network vary from system to system but there are some typical ones, such as providing information about nonprofit organization and government agencies. Community networks also offer on-line discussion capabilities on a limitless number of topics. Possible topics include pets, homelessness, region, gay activism, ask the mayor, alternatives educations, cultural events, and classes, public hearings, artist and craft person's forum, dental clinic, public safety updates, international news, and neighborhood news.

Rabu, 01 April 2009

Common Errors in Writing ( part 4 )

Slash :

A slash ( / ) can be used as "either or " when the choice is between "and" and "or." Say : "She is bringing chocolates and / or wine." Do not use the slash, however to make the same statement about nouns ( do not say chocolates / wine ) or in other places where the two concepts are interchangeable.

Substantive and Substantial :

Do not say substantive when you mean substantial. Substantial refers to a large amount. Enough or more than enough for the purpose. Substantive refers to content, in contrast to form or superficial characteristics.

Upholding and Holding Up :

When you uphold something, you support and help to maintain it. When you hold something up, you hinder it or prohibit it from continuing or developing.

Unique :

The word "unique" means "one of a kind." There can only be one of that kind. This is an either / or situation; either something is unique or it is not. It can not be more or less.

That means something can not be "more" unique than something else. It is like being pregnant ; either you are or you are not ; you can not be just a little bit pregnant, or less pregnant than Isobel.

Their, There and They're

"Their" is an adjective. It describes something that belongs to them. "There" is a place; further away from here. "They're" is a contraction for "they are."

Should of :

The phrase "should of " is wrong. It must be "should have."

Source :

Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Common Errors in writing ( part 3 )

Isn't it :

When you make a statement, then immediately ask if it is not true, you can use "isn't it" only if the question used the verb "to be" ( ie "is" or one of its forms ), the original question was positive, and if the subject of the sentence is third person singular ( it ). It is correct to say, for example, "It is coming, isn't it?"

Kindly :

Be careful when you use the word "kindly." It is used to begin a request that the listener or reader do something or refrain from doing something. It is polite and appropriate to use it on public notices, posters or broadcasts.

It is rude to use it when talking to single person. It implies that the listener is in an inferior class or is your servant and you are annoyed with him or her. When asking an individual to do something, it is best tu use the word, "Please."

Loose and Lose :

The two words, "loose" and "lose," look similar, especially to those who speak English as a scond language. It is easy to mix them up.

The word, "loose," means something is not tight or securely fastened down. It might easily fall apart or fall off. The word "lose," in contrast, means to have something go away and become lost.

Number of :

Do not use the phrase "a number of" to indicate an unknown number of something. Instead, use the word. Instead use the word "several."

Remember that zero is a number, so it is true that I had a number of sexual adventures with beautiful Hollywood starlets

Opposed to :

Do not use "opposed to" when you mean "contrasted with." Opposed mean there is a conflict between the two difference.

Revert :

To revert means to degenerate to an earlier condition. Say, " They reverted to barbarisme. :It does not mean to replay, as in "reply to a message, "Say Please reply to this email message

Source : htm

Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Common Errors in Writing ( part 2 )

Complement and Compliment :
The change from an "e" to an "i" makes a big difference in these two words. The word "complement" is related to the word "complete". If one thing complements another, then the two together make a whole.

In contrast, the word "compliment" is an observation of some good quality in a person. It is considered more sincere than flattery.

Datum and Data :

The word "data" is a plural noun, like "facts". Do not use it as a singular noun ( like fact ) or as a collective ( like water ). Right : "There are many data in that report."

If you want the singular of data ( one bit of information ) then use the word, "datum."
Right : "I need only one datum from that report." This is very seldom used nowadays.

etc :

End of thinking creatively ( E.T.C ). Avoid using "etc."

Fewer and Less :

"Fewer is used for counting while "less" is used for measuring. You can say Kwaku has fewer litres of fuel than Kwame, if litres are discrete things, or you can say Kwaku has less fuel than Kwame, because you measure fuel, not count it.

You can say that Akua has fewer shillings than Efua, or you can say that Akua has less money than Efua. ( You can not say that Efua has shillings or that Kwaku has less litres ). Money is measured while coins and bills are counted.

Glocery store managers display their illiteracy when they put up signs in the express lanes saying ten items or less instead of ten items or fewer.

Forum and Fora :

A forum is a place being used for communication within a group or collection of persons. Historically it was a physical gathering place, but metaphorically it could be in a newspaper or on internet.

More than one "forum" is not "forums." They are "fora." The word has a Latin origin so we do not make the plural by adding the letter "s." The word "fora" refers to several places for discussion. Few people use the word "fora" any more.

In general, "s" is not used to indicate plural for words that are borrowed from Latin. The singular ( one ) should and in "um" while the plural ( more than one ) should end in "a." Examples include : stadium, stadia; medium, media; datum;data. ( The word "media" means more than one medium of communication, ie newspaper, radio and TV ).

Hippopotomonstrousquipedalianism :

Do not use long words.

Hopefully :

Do not use "hopefully" unless you state exactly who is doing the hoping. Say : "They stood hopefully in the rain waiting for the rock star to appear."

Do not say: "Hopefully the bear will stay out of the village, or "Hopefully I will come in time." Say "We hope that the bear will stay out of the village," and "I hope that i will come in time."

Avoid all "....fully" words if you do not specify who is doing the action.

In Spite :

There is no such word as "inspite." Make sure you use the two words separately, "in" and "spite."

Input and Put in :

An "input" is a noun, a thing, It is what you put into a project or process.

"Input" is not verb. You can not say you input something into a project or a process.
You put something in, where "put" is the verb.

Rabu, 25 Maret 2009

Common Errors in Writing ( part 1 )

Writing is a pleasant work for a writer or everybody's writing hobby. Sometimes we on writing lack pay attention a little matter like common errors in writing.

This below a few of the common errors in writing that hinder good communication

Ain't :

Some people believe that we should never use the word "ain't" in the English language. It is, however , a legitimate and valid word - if it is used in the right place. It is a contraction for "am not"

The sentence, "I ain't going to school today," is therefore correct. It means, "Iam not going to school to day." It can be used only for the first person singular ( 1 ). It can not be used with "we,", "they" "you" "thou". "he", "she," or any proper noun.

Advice versus Advise.

Advuce is a noun, something that you give. It this a thing. Say, "please give me some advice"
Advise is a verb, something that you do. It is some action. Say, "Please advise me"

Affect and Effect :

As verbs, they differ. To affect something is to have some influence upon it. To effect some action is to cause it to happen.

As nouns, they also differ. Affect is like affection, related to emotion. Effect is a result.

Apart and Part :

One is a single word; the other includes two word. "Apart" mean two things are seperate or away from each other. A "part" means one thing is. a portion or an element of another.

A wall is usually seen as a "part" of a house, for example, while a fence is seen as "apart" from the house.

Source :

Jumat, 20 Maret 2009


The difference between are a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. ( Vince Lombardi )

Source : English Proverbs and Quotations
by Hendro Darsono, SE
Published DIOMA Malang

Rabu, 18 Maret 2009


In the small village live a grandmother with her married grandchild and two lover animals.
One day in the evening day, grandmother went to a midwife's house hurriedly.
After she arrived there and facing with midwife herself. With nervous grandmother said, "I am sorry, please help me. With smiled midwife said, "Pardon me, can help you madam?"
"All right. Please come to my house right now." Without thinking twice, they left together quickly.
After they arrived at that house, the midwife asked, "Who will give birth, madam?" Without answered midwife's question, grandmother invited her to one of the room, than said, "My lover dog get difficult in giving birth, please help it."
With nervous and face pale midwife said, " I am sorry madam, I don't help it. I think your grandchild who give birth."
Grandmother looked disappointed.

Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

How Important to Manage Time in Our Daily Life

Western people say that time is money. They use time well, have full discipline and responsibility in running a job. So, for career persons, "time is money". Everybody needs money. It shows that money takes an important role in everybody's life. Without having money, anybody can't buy anything. they consider that the importance of money is the same as the importance of time in their daily life.

Persons who neglect their time will cause unlucky things to them. For example : An architect who does not attend the meeting for planning a building for a hotel will have big loss though he has signed the contract. So, a student who can't manage her time because she does not schedule the activities will not pass her examination.

Therefore, managing time is important. All of us know that time can't be reviewed. So, when we face unlucky things because of our own fault, we shall regret later.

How do we manage our time in daily life? Make a schedule, after making a schedule, we must obey the schedule we make. It will help us. What time will we start a certain activity. The below are the right steps to manage time well.
  1. Consider what kind of activities that we will do on the day.
  2. Select those activities that we give priority.
  3. Make a schedule, put the important activities in the list of the schedule.
  4. Do our activities according to our schedule.
  5. Avoid the activities that only waste our time. For example going some places without planning.
  6. Avoid the habit of canceling an activity. Use our time effectively.

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

Are you chronically over - committed? Rushing from one task to another, with no time for your self? The key is to have a strong vision of what you want to say yes to. Then you'll feel far more confident saying no. Here practical steps to say no without feeling guilty.

1. Decide which activities you truly love. If you say focused on those things, then the next time you are asked to volunteer or get involved in a time- consuming activity, just check in. If the request takes you too far from what you are already dedicating yourself to, it's easier to say no.

2. Get over the need to be nice. Stop being afraid to disappoint people, and let go of the sense of importance you get from being indispensable.

3. Be clear when you say no. No means no. Ambiguities like "Maybe after the first of the year "or" Let me get back to you" leave the other person thinking you're actually interested, when you' re not.

4. Practice saying no in non-threatening situations, when you have little at stake and success is almost assured. Then you'll work up to resigning from the board of directors and stop signing up for committe work. Learn that carving out time for yourself and your family requires no reason and no apology.

5. Say no to requests for money in simple language and give no explanation. Contribute to the causes that excite you and complement your values. Then you'll feel confident saying, "My contributions have already been allocated this year."

6. Keep it simple. The most effective nos are the least complicated. The more details you supply, the more likely the other person will challenge you or try to change your mind.

7. Make a compromise while you're learning to say no. If you're asked to bring cookies to an event, opt for store-bought sweets instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

8. Re-evaluate your current commitments. You may have agreed to a long-term commitments months ago but now see that it's not working for you. Talk with the people involved and come up with an arrangement that works for everyone.

Source : hello magazine, 2006

Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

Please don't sue me!

A local charity had never received a donation from the town's most successful lawyer. The director called to get a contribution.
" Our records show you make $500,000 a year, yet you haven't given a penny to charity," the director began. "Wouldn't you like to help the community?"
The lawyer replied, "Did your research show that my mother is ill, with medical bills several times her annual income?"
"Um, no,"said the director.
"Or that my brother is blind and unemployed?" The stricken director began to stammer and an apology.
" Or that my sister's husband died in accident," said the lawyer, his voice rising in indignation "leaving her penniless with three kids?"
The humiliated director said simply, "I had no idea."
"So, if I don't give any money to them, why would I give money to them, why would I give money to you?'

The Laws of Arguing

Not everyone can make a good argument, and not everyone can argue well. A good communication skill is required. What is the essence of argument and how to argue well? Below are some laws of arguing according to Gerry Spence:
  1. Everyone is capable of making the winning argument.
  2. Winning is getting what we want, which also means helping "others" get what they want.
  3. Learn that words are a weapon and can be used hostilely in combat.
  4. Know that there is always a "biological advantage" of delivering the truth.
  5. Assault is not argument.
  6. Use fear as an ally in public speaking or in argument. Learn to convert its energy.
  7. Let emotions show and don't discourage passion.
  8. Don't be blinded by brilliance.
  9. Learn to speak with the body. The body sometimes speaks more powerfully than words.
  10. Know that the enemy is not the person with whom we are engaged in a failing argument, but the vision within ourselves.
Source: Smart Stepz

Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

To Overcome Lack of Blood

Everyone's body can lack of blood because gets sick, the bad health and so on. Sign a lack of blood are face looks pale, if sit over long as see stars, the body felt weak, lost spirit and often unconscious. To overcome lack of blood in our body follow the recipe below.

Prepared ingredients :
2 ( two ) eggs of free-range chicken.
1 ( one ) spoon of pure honey.
1 ( one ) handful of spinach leaves.
1 ( one ) lemon.

Direction for use.
Take eggs yolk from eggs of free-range chicken, put in the glass. Add pure honey, lemon juice mix well. Pound the spinach leaves, take its juice than pour with mixture above than stir well. Please drink the ingredients for 3 days continued. Surely the body felt fresh, healthy and comfortable. Next, to keep a good health of body, drink the ingredients once a week.
Please try it.

Jumat, 27 Februari 2009

Dalam Kesendirian

Di malam hari......
Ku terbangun dari tidur
Ku buka jendela, hanya gelap gulita menghiasi malam
Kutatap langit dengan tebaran bintang - bintang
Kuhirup udara malam dalam - dalam, kehampaan makin terasa

Dalam kesendirianku....
Ku duduk termenung, ntah apa yang sedang kurenungkan
Dinginnya udara malam
Membalut sekujur tubuhku
Seakan tak peduli diriku

Gonggongan anjing memecah keheningan malam
Diiringi suara deritan dedaunan akibat terpaan angin kencang
Menghapus renungan dan lamunanku
Ku masih terpaku dalam kebisuan
Dan tak terasa begitu panjang kulewati malam ini.

Jumat, 30 Januari 2009


It is source of knowledge
Everybody who read it become clever

Word by word, sentence by sentence
It explains about something to everybody reading it

It is source of information
Everybody who read it become rich perspective

It efforts to eliminate of illiteracy ( stupidity )
It changes darkness to bright

Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Tomato For Beauty

We know that tomato always be consumed as a vegetable and fruit. As a vegetable tomato usually be cooked with other vegetable. And as fruit it be made of juice.

Besides that, tomato also useful for skin beauty. Tomato rich with vitamins and minerals able to keep and brighten face skin.

If your face skin looks pallid and not fresh, use tomato as a mask of face skin. Take a freshing tomato than slice very thin. Rub it onto face thoroughly, let about 10 minutes. Rinse face with warm water.

Keep that regularly twice a week, so that your face skin looks smooth, healthy and bright.

Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009


A man was sent to Hell for his sins. As he was being taken to his place of eternal torment, he passed a room where a lawyer was having an intimate encounter with a beautiful young woman.
"What a rip-off, " the man muttered. "I have to roast for all eternity, and that lawyer gets to spend it with a beautiful woman."
Jabbing the man with his pitchfork, the escorting demon snarled, "Who are you to question that woman's punishment?"

Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Minta - Minta

Seorang ibu yang sedang pulang dari belanja bertanya kepada anaknya yang masih balita yang tengah bermain ular tangga dengan temannya.
"Dino, apakah selama Ibu belanja ada orang yang datang ke sini."
"Ada Bu, itu...tuh, katanya namanya Pak RT mau minta sumbangan untuk memperbaiki jalan kampung. tapi sudah Dino kasih kok Bu."
"Berapa kamu kasih?"
"Dino kasih Rp 500,- kemarin Ibu kan pernah bilang kalau ada orang minta - minta suruh kasih Rp 500,-"
Sang Ibu merah mukanya dan mengernyitkan dahi.

Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

To Overcome Bored Feeling

Everybody have ever felt bored, certainly. Bored feeling can be caused many kinds of problem such as a stack of work have been not finished ,not like for anything, etc.
We are too busy with our daily activity also can cause bored. So, unsatisfid to everything can create bored feeling.

When we are getting bored, we will feel unpleasant or uncomfortable in our mind. If it occurs over long time, it will create our mind in stress.

Below some tips and tricks to overcome bored feeling.
  • When we are very busy with daily activity, please stop it in a few minutes. Let' doing everything which make us feel pleasantas reading komedy story, listening music, etc.
  • Take a rest for enough.
  • Take spend on your weekend with family or friends so that you are fresh again.
  • Positive thinking within responding any problems or issue which come every time
  • Enjoy your life as like flowing water.

Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

Happy Call

A guy phones a law firm and says, " I want to speak to my lawyer." The receptionist says, "I'm sorry, but your lawyer died last week." The next day the same guy phones to the law firm and says, "I want to speak to my lawyer." Once again the receptionist replies, "I'm sorry, but your lawyer died last week."

The next day the guy makes his regular call to the law firm and says, "I want to speak to my lawyer." "Excuse me sir," the receptionist says, "but this is third time I've had to tell you that your lawyer died last week. Why do you keep calling?" The guy replies, "Because I love hearing it!"

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009


You can gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.....
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. ( Eleanor Roosevelt )

Source : Enlish Proverbs And Quotations
by Hendro Darsono, S.E
Penerbit DIOMA Malang

Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Tips Menjaga Kartu Memori Tetap Awet

Kartu memori ( memory card ) seperti MMC, micro mini SD dan sebagainya sangat erat hubungannya dengan handphone sebagai media untuk menyimpan data - data seperti game, lagu - lagu ( MP3 ), gambar, video dan sebagainya.

Agar kartu memori tidak cepat rusak dan tetap terbaca dengan baik maka perlu perawatan. Ikuti langkah - langkah merawat kartu memory di bawah ini.

  1. Matikan dahulu ponsel bila ingin mrncabut kartu memori. Jangan mencabutnya dalam keadaan ponsel masih membaca data.
  2. Apabila melakukan transfer data dari komputer, lihat dulu komputer tersebut bebas dari virus atau nggak. karena penyebaran virus bisa menyebabkan kartu memori rusak.
  3. Jangan sering mencabut kartu memori dari ponsel, dan jangan pula sering melakukan format pada kartu memori , karena akan membuat kartu memori rusak.
  4. Sebaiknya install aplikasi yang tidak trial agar kartu memori dapat membaca dengan baik, dan tidak melakukan uninstall pada aplikasi tersebut. Bila terlalu sering melakukan proses install / uninstall dapat memyebabkan kartu memory corrupted.
  5. Agar kartu memori aman dari tangan usil / jahil , berikan password untuk menjaganya agar tidak bisa dibuka oleh orang lain apabila ada file yang cukup pribadi. Gunakan password yang mudah diingat.
  6. Apabila kita menggunakan Card Reader setelah selesai transter data dari komputer ke ponsel, sebaiknya klik ganda pada icon safety remove hardware yang terletak di ujung task bar komputer, lalu klik stop. Setelah itu baru kita bisa mencabut kartu memori.
Semoga uraian di atas bermanfaat bagi pembaca.