Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 4 )

The innocent ones will be rejected
Tin will be thought to be silver
Gold will be thought to be copper
A rice cooker will be thought to be an egret
The sinful ones will be safe and live in tranquility
The poor will be blamed

The unemployed will be rooted up
The diligent ones will be forced down
The people will seek revenge against the fiercely violent ones
Workers will suffer from overwork
The rich will feel unsafe
People who belong to the upper class will feel insecure
Happiness will belong to evil persons
Troublel will belong to the poor

Many will sue each other
Human behaviour will fall short of moral enlightenment
Leaders will discuss and choose which countries are their favourites and which ones are not

Hurrah! hurrah!
The javanese will remain half
The Dutch and the Chinese each will remain a pair
Many become stingy
The stingy ones will not get their portion
The ones who receive their portion will be generous

Street beggars will be every where
Bewildered persons will be everywhere
These are the sign that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down

Source : Anonim

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