Sabtu, 25 April 2009


We buy something with money
We pay something with money
Without it, we nothing everything

Everybody works to get money
To fulfill his needs
To survive his life

It is very important in the world of business
It leads economy in the world
Without it, the world is buried

Sabtu, 18 April 2009

Mengapa Ongkos Reparasi Handphone Mahal

Mengapa ongkos reparasi hanpdhone mahal? pertanyaan seperti itu tak asing saya dengar dari para pengguna ponsel, yang kebetulan ponselnya mengalami problem ataupun rusak. Barangkali pembaca juga ada yang sependapat dengan pertanyaan seperti di atas.

Sebagai contoh Si A suatu hari datang ke counter reparasi HP ingin memperbaiki HPnya yang bermasalah yaitu mati karena tercelup air. Setelah selesai direparasi HP Si A yang bermerk Nokia N70 dikenakan biaya 75 ribu rupiah tanpa ada sperpart yang diganti. Juga Si B ingin memperbaiki HPnya yang bermerk Nokia 6600 karena pecah LCDnya. Setelah HPnya jadi dikenakan biaya Rp 325 ribu rupiah, bahkan sebelumnya pernah ditanyakan di counter reparasi lain ganti LCD HPnya tesebut dikenakan biaya 400 ribu rupiah. Juga lagi Si X memperbaiki HPnya yang bermerk Sony Ericso K510i yang error softwarenya dikenakan biaya 45 ribu rupiah.

Memang ongkos reparasi ponsel tak ada pathokan / batas ongkos yang standar seperti harga beras atau harga BBM. Para tehnisi atau usahawan reparasi reparasi handphone mengenakan ongkos reparasi ponsel karena beberapa faktor, diantaranya;
  • Komponen / sperpart ataupun jalur - jalur komponen handphone sangat relatif kecil sekali ukurannya, sehingga untuk memperbaiki dibutuhkan keahlian dan pengetahuan yang cukup, juga kehati - hatian dan ketelitian serta penglihatan yang bagus bahkan ada yang menggunakan kaca pembesar untuk memeperbaiki handphone. Faktor ini yang menyebabkan ongkos reparasi handphone mahal karena seorang tehnisi handphone juga memperhitungkan faktor kegagalan seperti pd waktu memanaskan komponen - komponen handphone dengan alat pemanas yang biasa disebut blower dengan suhu daripada blower tsb mencapai 400 derajat Celcius dan memecahkan salah satu komponen. Tentunya tehnisi juga tak mau terlalu rugi bila terjadi hal hal yang tidak diinginkan.
  • Belum banyak tempat reparasi handphone, karena counter handphone ataupun outlet isi ulang pulsa belum tentu melayani perbaikan handphone.
Postingan ini smoga menjadi wawasan bagi pembaca.

Senin, 13 April 2009

Function of Community Network

Before computer took center stage, the term community network was a sociological concept that described the rich web of communications and relationships in a community.

Recently, community member and activists all over the world are developing these community networks, often in conjunction with other local institutions including colleges and universities, libraries, local governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

These community network some with user populations in the tens of thousands are intended to advance social goals, such as building economic opportunities in disadvantaged community. A community network accomplishes these goals by supporting smaller communities within the larger community and by facilitating the exchange of information between individuals and these smaller communities. Another community network objective is to provide electronic one stop stop shopping for community information and communication, by using discussing forums, question and answer forums ; electronic access for government employees, information and access to social services, electronic mail, internet services including access to the World Wide Web.

Community members interact with community network in various ways. Community network terminals can be set up at public places like libraries, school, community and senior centers, social service agencies, shopping mall. Community networks can also be accessible from home via computers and increasingly from the internet.

In recent years, activist have also been establishing community computing-centers where people, often in low-income neighborhoods, can become comfortable and adept with computer application and network services.

The actual services on a community network vary from system to system but there are some typical ones, such as providing information about nonprofit organization and government agencies. Community networks also offer on-line discussion capabilities on a limitless number of topics. Possible topics include pets, homelessness, region, gay activism, ask the mayor, alternatives educations, cultural events, and classes, public hearings, artist and craft person's forum, dental clinic, public safety updates, international news, and neighborhood news.

Rabu, 01 April 2009

Common Errors in Writing ( part 4 )

Slash :

A slash ( / ) can be used as "either or " when the choice is between "and" and "or." Say : "She is bringing chocolates and / or wine." Do not use the slash, however to make the same statement about nouns ( do not say chocolates / wine ) or in other places where the two concepts are interchangeable.

Substantive and Substantial :

Do not say substantive when you mean substantial. Substantial refers to a large amount. Enough or more than enough for the purpose. Substantive refers to content, in contrast to form or superficial characteristics.

Upholding and Holding Up :

When you uphold something, you support and help to maintain it. When you hold something up, you hinder it or prohibit it from continuing or developing.

Unique :

The word "unique" means "one of a kind." There can only be one of that kind. This is an either / or situation; either something is unique or it is not. It can not be more or less.

That means something can not be "more" unique than something else. It is like being pregnant ; either you are or you are not ; you can not be just a little bit pregnant, or less pregnant than Isobel.

Their, There and They're

"Their" is an adjective. It describes something that belongs to them. "There" is a place; further away from here. "They're" is a contraction for "they are."

Should of :

The phrase "should of " is wrong. It must be "should have."

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