Kamis, 10 Desember 2015

How to Protect Your Mobile Battery to keep Durable and Not Easily Damaged

The use  of mobile phone batteries, especially android that not according the rules will cause the battery to be damaged and low bat. Not a few mobile users a complain about rapid battery wasteful and low bat.
There are several tips to improve your battery life, especially android.

1. Avoid mobile phone recharging past the maximum limit, if the condition of the battery is full direct pulled out, because if allowed to stand much longer will make the battery heat caused by electrical conduction, of course it will affect on the cell phone  / mobile device.

2. When we will  recharge the battery make sure the phone battery is under the condition of normal levels (at least 15% of the total battery capacity).

3. Turn off the mobile phone during do recharging, don’t be all times  playing the phone while recharging because it can make unstable recharging activity.

4. Recharging the mobile phone battery use the original charger its own brand mobile phone of factory default. Do not borrow other chager which different brand, because the voltage and current of each the phone charger is different.

5. Protect the battery from direct interaction with sun light

6. Keep the mobile phone out of the risk of the water such as rain or splashed water when doing an activity, because it can make the battery low bat and damaged.

7. Keep the mobile phone out of  the electronic goods,because those contain magnet elements that can attract the chemical elements inside the battery.