Rabu, 08 April 2015

Treating of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can affect anyone, especially the elderly over the age of 40 years. High blood pressure can be caused by several factors as like foods and living in hard situation.
Foods that contain high cholesterol and too salty foods also influence of high blood pressure. Also the hot food as like pepper and goat meat also increases high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure will have a headache and body discomfort. How to treat  high blood pressure? It can use natural ingredients of around us such as herb plants, fruits and vegetables.
 Fruits and vegetables are used to treat high blood pressure that is melon, star fruit, dragon fruit,celery leaf.  So herbs are commonly used to treat high blood pressure that is mangosteen  derma,  tailing leaf. Consume of fruits and vegetables which mentioned above for enough to treat high blood pressure.

Besides that living with feeling happy and peaceful and close to God, avoid stressful thoughts. Therefore people who suffer from high blood pressure to be resolved.

Senin, 09 Maret 2015

Stop the War

Dar…. dor…. dar….. dor….
The war has been going on between Palestine and Israel 
The war  always takes its toll and make hurt  each others
The innocent people become victims of the shooting
Look at…! a lot of children  lost their families

           Dar…. dor…. dar….. dor….
           The war is really cruel
           It also does not recognize affection and
           The war destroys the life of the world
           It even ruins peace in the world

Dar…. dor…. dar….. dor….
How terrible war occurred in those countries
Hey….! the people who involved in war there
Stop the war!
Keep peace in the world

Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Lomba Blog Pegipegi : Berlibur di Air Terjun Lengkongsari yang Masih Perawan

Kabupaten Gunung Kidul Propinsi Yogyakarta merupakan daerah yang memiliki beraneka ragam obyek wisata, mulai  dari pegunungan, goa, pantai pasir putih dan air terjun. Semua obyek wisata tersebut memiliki panorama yang indah.

Dari sekian banyaknya obyek wisata di Kabupaten Gunung Kidul yang memikat perhatian saya  untuk berlibur dan mengunjunginya yaitu obyek wisata  Air Terjun Lengkongsari. Obyek wisata ini terletak di desa Wonosari Semoyo Pathuk, Gunung Kidul. Lokasinya kira – kira 2 km dari kecamatan Pathuk yang ke arah selatan.

Dari Yogyakarta perjalanan menuju obyek wisata ini akan melewati  Jl. Raya Yogyakarta – Wonosari, dan arus lalu lintas di jalan ini cukup ramai dengan hiruk pikuk kendaraan yang melintasi jalan ini. Tetapi setelah perjalanan sampai di Pathuk dan menuju perjalanan ke obyek wisata Air Terjun Lengkongsari keramaian hiruk pikuk kendaraan mulai berkurang. Dan perjalanan dari Pathuk menuju obyek wisata ini melewati beberapa jalan yang menanjak  tapi sangat eksotis dan mengasyikkan, betapa tidak selain itu kita akan disuguhi pemandangan di kanan kiri jalan yang penuh dengan hehijaun daun  nampak asri  dan segar yang menarik perhatian kita untuk melihatnya.

Setengah jam kemudian kita akan sampai di kawasan wisata Air Terjun Lengkongsari. Untuk memasuki kawasan wisata ini akan dikenai biaya restribusi dengan membayar tiket masuk sebesar Rp 4000,- per orang. Cukup murah kan. Di dekat pos restribusi ini disediakan arena parkir untuk kendaraan dan sepeda yang luas dan aman sehingga pengunjung tidak perlu khawatir dengan keamanan kendaraannya atau sepedanya.

Lokasi Air Terjun Lengkongsari dari pos restribusi berjarak 200 meter. Untuk menuju lokasi itu kita akan melewati jalan yang masih alami, yaitu jalan yang masih berupa tanah agak berwarna kemerahan namun masih asri dan asyik untuk ditapaki oleh setiap kaki yang melangkah menuju air terjun Lengkongsari.

Sesampai di air terjun kita bisa melihat pemandangan di sekitarnya yang masih alami dan indah. Area wisata alam ini masih terlihat perawan , semua pemandangan di sekitarnya betul – betul masih alami dan tidak ada rekayasa atau polesan. Pepohonan dan hijau daun di sekitar air terjun menambah eksotis lokasi ini. Air Terjun Lengkongsari masih terbilang obyek wisata baru dan ditemukannya adanya air terjun ini beberapa tahun yang lalu dan masih sedikit pengunjung yang datang ke lokasi air terjun ini. Air terjun ini ketinggiannya sekitar 28 meter dengan 2 aliran air kembar yang kuat. Dasar air terjun ini berupa kedung yang cukup luas dan kadang – kadang dipakai untuk bermain atau berenang anak – anak yang tinggal di desa wisata ini.

Karena area wisata Air Terjun Lengkongsari masih alami dan perawan, sangatlah cocok untuk menghilangkan kepenatan apalagi udaranya masih begitu segar dan belum tercemar polusi. Kita bisa merelaksasikan ketegangan dan kepenatan kita, terutama bagi mereka yang tinggal di kota yang sibuk dengan segala aktivitas atau pekerjaan. Kelestarian lingkungan alam di area wisata Air Terjun Lengkongsari  masih terjaga dengan baik.

Bagi teman – teman di seantereo Indonesia yang tinggalnya jauh dari Yogyakarta dan Gunung Kidul tetap bisa berlibur dan mengunjungi Air Terjun Lengkongsari. Kemudahan travelling menuju wisata ini bisa didapatkan melalui agen travelling di seluruh Indonesia. Kita bisa pesan tiket pesawat di Pegipegi sekaligus booking hotel untuk menginap, karena di Jogyakarta dan Gunung Kidul sudah banyak tersedia hotel untuk menginap dan beristirahat selama berlibur.

Dengan adanya lomba blog pegipegi ini bisa untuk sarana mempromosikan daerah wisata yang belum banyak diketahui wisatawan baik wisatawan domestic maupun manca negara, seperti obyek wisata Air Terjun Lengkongsari  yang berada di Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Dan bersama @aMrazing kita bisa berlibur bersama dengannya di tempat wisata yang eksotis dan alami seperti di Air Terjun Lengkongsari yang masih sedikit pengunjungnya. Dan bersama @aMrazing kita bisa mempromosikan obyek wisata yang masih sedikit pengunjung namun keelokan alamnya memikat, untuk dapat dikenal para wisatawan  dan kemudian tertarik untuk mengunjunginya.

Jumat, 13 Februari 2015


We can not live without other people. We need others to meet our needs and to attain happiness. The saying describes the importance of communication in friendship.
Communication in our lives is mainly based on our relationship with others. We interact with others to share information. To exchange  ideas, to make plans, and to solve problems.

To maintain our good communication and relationship with others on friendship, we can take the three basic steps below.

Try to Listen
When communicating with others, listening is very important. Our partner will be happy if we pay attention to him. We should notice that listening also needs the facial expressions. When others talking to us, we should look at their eyes to show that we are interested in the topic. The basic principle in listening is giving and taking. This principle means that we should not only act as storyteller who dominates the conversation. We must also behave as as good listener when others are talking to us. We will always learn something new if we are willing to give opportunities to others to state their opinions. Surely, our friends will get very bored if we dominate the conversation.

Show Respect
We should be careful when we are engaged in a conversation. We should not underestimate our friends, we should respect them. To respect others, we should let them express themselves. We should also open ourselves to others so that we can develop our lives better. We should remember that we are not supposed to force others to do what we want. Different ideas, philosophy of lives, and characters will always enrich our understanding towards lives.

Give Smiles
 People believe that smiling is like an effective medicine that cures all diseases. When we say something wrong unintentionally, others will tolerate our mistakes if we honestly admit our mistakes. Asking for apologies while smiling is a good way to build closer relationship with others on friendship.

Speaking without smiling will indeed create a monotonous communication. However, we must also consider the situation in which we are engaged. In this case, we must understand whether we have a serious or relaxed conversation. When we discuss a serious matter, we should not smile too often so that we can maintain the atmosphere. To conclude, smile only when necessary.

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015


Our greatest moral problem today is cowardice.
It's cowardice that prevents us from coming up with new thoughts
( William Sloane Caffin, Jr.)

Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Airlines with the best Wi-Fi

Remember the days when flying long distance meant at least nine guaranteed hours offline?
Of course you don't, your brain is far too frazzled by constantly having to check Facebook and emails.
According to new statistics released this week by air industry data cruncher Routehappy, flying without Wi-Fi access is becoming increasingly rare as more airlines connect their customers.
This is good news for anyone who needs to Instagram their inflight meal or fabricate Twitter spats with imaginary passengers.

Bad news for those who need to unjack themselves from the Matrix for long enough to watch a weepy movie and re-balance their blood-Smirnoff levels.
According to Routehappy, there's now a 24% chance your international flight will have Wi-Fi access. On domestic U.S. flights the odds rise to 66% -- a figure nearly triple what it was 18 months ago.
Connection quality and speed are also improving, it reports.
 safest airline lufthansa
"Wi-Fi is one of the most sought-after new amenities fliers want to access on their flights, and there has been significant investment by airlines since our last report," says Routehappy CEO Robert Albert.
"Coverage is starting to be meaningful on flights worldwide, along with a wide variety of speeds, coverage availability and pricing models, including free of charge."

Internationally, Nordic airlines are leading the connectivity charge, with Icelandair and Norwegian both offering Wi-Fi on more than 80% of their flights. (The number of flights this represents isn't specified.)
The next four -- Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Iberia -- currently only supply it to between 40-60% of flights. 

Aeroflot, Emirates and Japan Airlines are in the 20-30% range, while Qatar Airways, Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines score between 15 and 20%.
For U.S. airlines, Delta leads the game, offering Wi-Fi across more than 3,500 of its daily flights.
Routehappy doesn't offer any comparative statistics between U.S. and international operators.

Source : www.cnn.com

Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Carrot is very Good for Eyes Healthy

You all know carrot. Carrot is a vegetable that contains many minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A and beta-carotene which is a good flavonoids and antioxidants that counteract free radicals and toxins in the body.

If a person is deficient in vitamin A will cause blurred vision in that eye. This blurred eyesight sometimes feels spicy.
Dont worry, it can be overcome by eating carrots every day. We can take carrot as vegetable or in the form of carrot juice. We can buy fresh carrots in the market or in the grocery store.

If our eyes
get blurred vision, treat immediately by drinking carrot juice a day 2 times until to get good eyesight more. It takes patience . Dont give up.
To keep our eyes and eyesight healthy consume carrots.