Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Be Careful when We have been Shopping with Our Children at Plasa or Mall

Some women prefer to shop on the plaza or mall with a variety of reasons and alternatives, such as goods that are available in the plaza and the mall is more complete and neat arrangement that makes the attraction of visitors. In addition to safe and comfortable as well not have to bargain, all items are presented with fixed prices.

When we shop in the plaza or mall with our children, we must consider their safety.
Because in the shopping center plaza or mall, such as its vast area and consists of several floors. To go one floor to another floor using the escalator

Several cases of child accidents such as wedged his foot in the escalator or fell from the top floor we hear the familiar. It happened because of negligence of our lack of attention to children while shopping at the plaza.

Keep in mind the following when you shop with children in the plaza or mall:

- If you are in escalator towed child should not let alone.
- Supervise children. Do not let your children away from us and thither or playing alone.
- advise children not to far from us, especially when we're selecting the goods that we will buy.
- If you need to take baby sister to accompany our children.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Tips for Wearing Perfume Durable

The way a person keep up appearances in order to remain confident in the interaction with people is to beautify themselves, either inside of beauty or physical beauty.
Beauty from within ( inner beauty ) is shown by the behavior and good personality.
Physical beauty is to maintain body fitness and to beautify the body and face.

No less important is the use of scent or perfume for the body smelling perfume / fragrance.
Keep in mind when using spraying perfume is how her and in which areas. For your perfume durable following tips:
1. Spray perfume on the skin of the wrists, inner elbows and neck.
Do not spray on clothing because it can make your clothes stained.
2. If you shaped perfume spray should spray it with a distance of about 30 cm into your body, it will make spreading evenly and long lasting perfume.
3. For men, spray perfume on the chest then the right and left front.
Please try surely you will believe in yourself and be yourself.

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010


Blue brushed of my distress
My restless, my tired
Blue scrape my doubts
My anxiety, my tears

Blue calm my heart, my soul
Blue sky, blue ocean
Blue rainbow
Not the blue treasure, rank

Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Take Action

We all would have the idealism to achieve something that we dream - aspire.
But sometimes we are more chestnut - dreams and hopes achieved our desires. Too often chestnut - dreams cause us to delay doing something.

Starting any work is not easy stuff. Moreover, starting from scratch is a very serious step. Proverb says that people who succeed are those who are always able to rise when it crashed. Start something similar to do anything that new or make changes. It turned out that change is not easy.

Changes in and start something new is an unbiased avoided if what we want accomplished. If we have the ability to adapt so we are not so difficult to read the change - change is happening and how to respond to change - change that with a creative, dare to take risks, sometimes we always put off - off of what we will do, even things that make we sometimes do not do anything - anything. Often times people are busy with dreams, desires and ambitions because so always say "later, better be postponed." Actually, there's no point to delay until later. Now concentrate your mind, energy, talent to us, do not let your mind float to where - where. Take action! Do what we can do starting today if you want to achieve our dreams.

Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

7 Hal Yang Harus Diingat

1. Jika sudah terjadi masalah, tidak harus dihindari ( bingung ), tapi harus dihadapi dengan tenang ( cari solusinya ) dan pasti selesai / ada jalan keluarnya.

2. Menghadapi semua hal, tidak boleh berpikir negatif, seperti :"saya pasti tidak mampu, "saya tidak bisa", dan seterusnya. Tapi selalu berpikir positif, seperti :"saya bisa, pasti ada jalan keluarmya", dan lain - lain.

3. Susah dan senang semuanyatergantung pikiran saja!! ( pikiran adalah pelopor . Jadi jaga pikiran kita baik - baik. Jangan pikir yang jelek/negatif. Selalu berpikir yang positif.

4. Segala kesulitan / kesusahanakan berakhir. Sebesar apapun masalahnyaakan selesai juga dengan berjalannya waktu.

5. Orang yang sukses 85% ditentukan dari sikap/perilaku, 15% baru ditentukan keterampilan.Sikap kita dalam hidup ini sangat penting.

6. Segala sesuatu berubah. Kita tidak perlu susah

7. Hukum karma, berari berbuat baikakan mendapat hasil yang baik dan sebaliknya, seperti tanam padi, pasti panen padi. Ingat usahakan setiap saat selalu berbuat ( tanam )kebaikan agar mendapat panen kebaikan. Jangan melakukan kejahatan. Dan jangan berharap mendapat balasan dari perbuatan baik kita.

Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

Menindik Tubuh

Menindik tubuh atau lebih dikenal dengan nama body piercing, biasa dilakukan oleh kawula muda yang mempunyai tingkah laku over.
Mereka melakukan penindikan tubuh biarlah dianggap sebagai anak gaul, golkil dsb.

Kita sering melihat sebagian kawula muda yang menindik tubuhnya, ntah di telinga, hidung, bahkan ada menindik di lidahnya, yang dihiasi dengan aksesoris anting atau sejenisnya.

Apakah perilaku gaya hidup seperti ini menunjukkan pengekspresian diri seseorang, gejolak emosi ataukah menunjukkan ciri kepribadian seseorang.
Bagaimanakah pendapat pembaca?

Selasa, 13 April 2010

Got Accident

Yesterday was a day that is not good for us.
Yesterday afternoon I with my sister and her son visited our friends by a motorcycle.
At the time we left there was nothing wrong.
We set off at a leisurely pace, it is also the heart - the heart of riding a motorcycle even though the road is not crowded by riders.
In our area of remote villages had been damaged roads and steep.

In mid-journey to remote villages, arrived - once there was an oncoming motorcyclist at high speed from the opposite direction.
I'm not aware of the back was a motorcyclist who brought grass.
Without a driver honking from behind is too high a speed.
And finally ....... Braaaak rider from behind hit us, because he wanted to prevent other motorists from speeding in the opposite direction at high speed as well.

We fell limp. Our bodies hurt and damaged motorcycle.
What we regret why they did not care - care in driving a motorcycle and did not see either side there are other drivers , and drove at high speed

Rabu, 07 April 2010


Black clouds clot in the air
Thunderstorms and lightning - broke the mood grabs
And heavy rain soaked earth
There was no one outside

The roar sounded from afar
Relentless rains continue - cease
Slowly and slowly rumbling sound was heard near
Ooups! There are flood

Water flows inundate settlements
Look at!
The children screaming scared
People busy trying to save himself and his property
Scared, confused and worried together

Why flooding occurs
Yeach, devastated impassable
Knows no mercy
No one can resist

Kamis, 01 April 2010

The Wrong Parachute

There were three passengers in a plane. They were a businessman, a student, and old man.
Suddenly the pilot informed them, "In a few seconds the plane will crash.
Unfortunately, we only have three parachutes. Since I have to report the accident to the base,
I will take one." Then the pilot jumped out of the plane.
"I also need a parachute because I'm a big shareholder who can control the economic development," the businessman said an grabbed another parachute.
"Come on, boy, you need this parachute," said the old man, looking at the student's face deeply.
"I have been in this world for so long. I have known about bitter and sweet experiences in this world. So save yourself." Then, he handed the student the last parachute.
"Don't worry, Sir. That parachute is for you," the student replied happily. "I already have my parachute. The one that the businessman took was rucksack."

Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Tips Menghitamkan Rambut

Rambut adalah mahkota kecantikan bagi wanita.
Mempunyai rambut yang indah, bagus dan menawan adalah dampaan bagi setiap insan terutama kaum hawa.

Begitu pula mempunyai rambut yang hitam dan berkilau akan menambah keanggunan pemiliknya.
Berikut tips sederhana merawat rambut agar selalu tampak hitam dan berkilau.
Resep sederhana warisan nenek moyang ini begitu mudah dilakukan.

Bahan yang digunakan yaitu:
- Segenggam merang ketan hitam
- 2 Buah jeruk nipis

Caranya :
Bakarlah merang tadi dalam sebuah baskom.
Abu dari merang tadi dicampur dengan air dan masukkan perasan jeruk nipis.
Aduk sampai rata lalu biarkan di tempat terbuka untuk diembuni 1 malam.

Esok harinya dapat anda pergunakan untuk keramas.
Tak usah pakai sampo lagi. Cukup dibilas dengan air sampai bersih.
Usahakan keramas merang ini sampai tiga kali.
Kemudian cukup seminggu sekali, pasti rambut anda jadi hitam dan berkilau.

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Four Nuclear Power Plants Planned for Operation in 2017

A panel of nuclear experts said Thursday that nuclear electric power could benefit Indonesia in the future if handled correctly through complete understanding of regulations, team diligence and knowledge of plant equipment, operations and maintenance.

“What is really important is a high human motivation because it will increase both safety and availability,” Prof. Ishikawa Michio of the Japan Technology Nuclear Institute said in a seminar at the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology office in Central Jakarta.

“That is why you have to put a lot of money in the regulations for safety measures,” he added.
According to Hudi Hastowo of the National Nuclear Energy Agency of the Republic Indonesia, the country has done extensive preparatory work on most infrastructure issues that would allow it to introduce nuclear power.

Indonesia has established a national energy policy under Law No. 17 of 2007, which declares that nuclear energy will be part of the energy mix for 2015-2019.

As a result of this policy, the country is planning to construct four units of nuclear power
plants of about 4,000 megawatts each, which are expected to start operations in 2017.

Nuclear energy is also expected to meet about 2 percent of the nation’s electricity demands by 2025.
Meanwhile, Research and Technology Minister Suharna Surapranata, who also attended the seminar on “Prospects of Nuclear Electric Power in Indonesia”, explained that energy security is crucial to national security.

“Nuclear technology is a necessity. In order to transform Indonesia into a developed country, we need to find alternative energy resources that are renewable and sustainable,” he said.

There are approximately 437 operating nuclear power plants worldwide, with 55 more units under construction.

As many as 60 countries, including Indonesia, are considering building nuclear plants, while 25 countries have shown interest in their development.

Last month civil society groups insisted that there were no urgent reasons to develop nuclear power plants in Indonesia, citing the country’s large sources of alternative energy, ranging from coal, geothermal heat, water, and wind.

They also said that the current severe energy shortage was due to the government’s failure to deal with energy resources, with most of the nation’s coal and gas being
exported. (tsy)

There are approximately 437 operating nuclear power plants worldwide, with 55 more
units under construction.

Source :
The Jakarta Post

Rabu, 17 Maret 2010


The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength,
not a lack of knowledge,
but rather a lack of will.
( Vince Lombardi )

Source :
English proverbs and Quotations by Hendro Darsono
Published by Dioma Malang

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

4 Tipe Manusia Menghadapi Tekanan Hidup

Hidup memang tidak lepas dari berbagai tekanan. Lebih - lebih hidup di alam modern ini yang menyuguhkan beragam resiko. Sampai seorang sosiolog Ulrich Beck menamai jaman kontemporer ini dengan masyarakat risiko ( risk society ). Kondisi seperti ini menyuguhkan perubahan yang cepat dan tak jarang mengagetkan. Yang akhirnya tekanan - tekanan ini akan membentuk watak, karakter, dan sekaligus menentukan bagaimana orang bereaksi di kemudian hari.

Dapat dipaparkan secara sederhana 4 tipe manusia dalam menghadapi berbagai macam tekanan hidup tersebut :

1. Tipe Cangkang Telur
Orang dengan tipe ini sangat rapuh, sedikit mengalami tekanan saja membuat dirinya patah arang. Orang tipe ini gampang sekali mengeluh pada saat kesulitan terjadi, tak jarang yang mengalami stress dan masuk ke dalam depresi hingga mendatangkan rasa putus asa.
Orang seperti ini bisa diperbaiki watak dan karakternya selama dia memiliki orang terdekatnya yang selalu mensupportnya dan membantu semua kesulitannya, tidak seterusnya ia harus bergantung dengan orang lain, tapi perlu dibantu agar orang ini bisa menumbuhkan ketahanan mentalnya dengan menumbuhkan kepercayaan dirinya dari dalam, yaitu dari kesadarannya sendiri. Bila tipe orang ini mau berusaha keras pasti dia bisa merubah watak dan karakternya ke arah yang lebih baik. Selain itu orang tipe ini perlu berlatih berpikiran positif dan berani menghadapi kenyataan hidup.

2. Tipe Lempeng Besi
Orang tipe ini biasanya mampu bertahan dalam tekanan pada awalnya. Namun seperti layaknya besi, ketika situasi menekan itu semakin besar dan kompleks, ia mulai bengkok dan tidak stabil. Demikian juga orang - orang tipe ini, mereka mampu menghadapi tekanan, tetapi tidak dalam kondidi berlarut - larut.
Tambahan tekanan sedlit saja, membuat mereka menyerah dan putus asa. Untungnya, orang tipe ini masih mau mencoba bertahan sebelum akhirnya menyerah. Tipe lempeng besi memang masih belum terlatih. Tipe orang ini bisa dibantu untuk meningkatkan ketahan mentalnya, dengan sedikit bimbingan dan dorongan untuk terus maju dan pantang menyerah dalam menghadapi tekanan hidup, dengan membangkitkan jiwa menantang, bila didampingi terus hinggga tipe orang ini bisa berkembang lebih baik dan terus menjadi lebih baik, bila kesadaran dalam dirinya merasa tertantang untuk menghadapi semua kesulitan dan tekanan itu.

3. Tipe Gabus / Busa
Tipe orang ini cukup baik dalam menerima tekanan, seperti halnya gabus / busa yang lentur, bisa menyesuaikan dirinya terhadap tekanan dan cepat kembali ke bentuk semula. Tipe orang ini sangat fleksibel dalam menghadapi tekanan, dan dapat menyesuaikan diri saat terjadi tekanan. Tapi setelah berlalu, dengan cepat ia bisa kembali ke keadaan semula. Ia bisa segera melupakan masa lalu dan mulai kembali ke titik awal untuk memulai lagi.

4. Tipe Bola Pingpong
Inilah tipe yang ideal dan terhebat. Tipe orang ini sangat ekspresif terhadap tekanan, seperti bola pinpong bila dibanting atau ditekan makin terpantul kesana kemari, artinya tipe orang ini tidak gampang menyerah, dia selalu mencari jalan keluar dalam setiap tekanan, bahkan tekanan yang didapatinya membuat dia lebih kreatif dan ekspresif untuk menghadapi semua tekanan dan kesulitan.

Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

Anti - retrovirals could halt Aids spread in five years

Anti-retroviral clinic in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, 2008
South Africa has the world's highest incidence of HIV/Aids

Anti-retroviral treatments (ARVs) could stop the spread of Aids in South Africa within five years, say scientists.

Dr Brian Williams said that by providing HIV positive patients with these drugs could stop the spread at a cost of around $2-3 billion per year.

The drugs reduce the amount of virus patients have in their body fluids.

Dr Williams called for this approach at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in San Diego.

Dr Williams, a leading figure in the field of HIV research, is based at the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (Sacema) in Stellenbosch.

He said the scale of the problem in South Africa was "enormous".

Success story

He added: "We have 30 million people infected with HIV and two million people dying each year."

We could break the back of the epidemic
Dr Brian Williams, Sacema

"The tragedy is that the disease continues unabated. The only real success story is the development of these extremely effective drugs that keep people alive and reduce their viral load by up to 2000 times. They become close to non-infectious.

"We should be looking at using the drugs to reduce transmission."

He said that if clinical trials started now, all of the HIV positive people in South Africa could be on ARV treatment within five years.

This approach, he stressed, should be complementary to the search for an Aids vaccine. An effective vaccine, he said, was still a long way away.

Dr Williams commented: "Even with a vaccine, in South Africa we would still have all of these people who are already infected - so what do we do for them?"

Kenneth Mayer, professor of medicine at Brown University in the US state of Rhone Island, agreed that treating patients early with ARVs was a matter of "public health".

Dr Williams said a few clinical trials were already beginning in North America and in Africa.

The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is planning a trial in New York and Washington - in districts that have an HIV positive population at a similar level to African epidemics.

"We need to get answers [from these trials] quickly. That will help us move forward," he stressed.

"We could break the back of the epidemic. If we can do it, I'm confident it will work."

Source :

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Don't Worry about Rupiah Volatility : BI

The central bank said the market should not be worried by the recent volatility of the rupiah, which is affected by the global fear of Greece’s sovereign debt.

"There is always a factor that will influence market sentiment. Because Greece's budget is worsening, the rupiah and the stock index are worsening. Don't be too cautious with the recent changes," acting Bank Indonesia governor Darmin Nasution said Thursday.

The rupiah on Thursday dropped 0.5 percent to 9,326 – the biggest in nearly two weeks – as investors spurned emerging-market assets on signs bond investors are not convinced the EU can fix its budget woes, Bloomberg reported.

Source : The Jakarta Post. com

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Menghilangkan Bau Badan yang tidak Sedap

Bau badan yang tidak sedap akan mengganggu dan mengurangi kepercayaan diri pada diri seseorang. Terutama dalam berintereaksi dengan masyarakat. Rasa minder dalam pergaulan pasti ada, khawatir dianggap tidak menjaga kebersihan badan dan sebagainya.

Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut sangatlah mudah dan sederhana.
berikut ini :
Konsumsilah daun kemangi atau daun beluntas sesering mungkin.
Bisa digunakan sebagai sayuran atau lalapan.
Selain itu dapat juga mengkonsumsi buah kepel, buah kepel ini aromanya wangi dan harum.
Pada zaman dulu buah kepel ini sering dikonsumsi puteri raja ataupun permaisuri untuk menjaga tubuhnya agar selalu harum.

Nah, bagi yang mempunyai permasalahan bau badan yang tidak sedap bisa mencoba resep diatas.

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010


Jadikan cinta seperti kembang api,
meski singkat namun bisa dikagumi keindahannya,
Jadikan lilin - lilin yang rela hancur,
Untuk menerangi orang - orang yang disayangi.

Senin, 01 Februari 2010


Entah mengapa kini kurasakan
Betapa kau sangat berarti bagiku
Kenangan - kenangan indah bersamamu
Takkan pernah terlupakan

Ada getar perasaan aneh di hatiku
Mungkinkah kau juga merasakannya........?

Kini kumelihat kau cukup jauh dariku
Tapi apa arti semua itu.......