Selasa, 13 April 2010

Got Accident

Yesterday was a day that is not good for us.
Yesterday afternoon I with my sister and her son visited our friends by a motorcycle.
At the time we left there was nothing wrong.
We set off at a leisurely pace, it is also the heart - the heart of riding a motorcycle even though the road is not crowded by riders.
In our area of remote villages had been damaged roads and steep.

In mid-journey to remote villages, arrived - once there was an oncoming motorcyclist at high speed from the opposite direction.
I'm not aware of the back was a motorcyclist who brought grass.
Without a driver honking from behind is too high a speed.
And finally ....... Braaaak rider from behind hit us, because he wanted to prevent other motorists from speeding in the opposite direction at high speed as well.

We fell limp. Our bodies hurt and damaged motorcycle.
What we regret why they did not care - care in driving a motorcycle and did not see either side there are other drivers , and drove at high speed

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dv mengatakan...

kunjungan balik, salam kenal :)
makasi uda mampir yaa ^^

dEvi mengatakan...

kunjungan balik, salam kenal :)

makasi uda mampir yaa..

Anonim mengatakan...

It's great!!..........................................

muslimah mengatakan...

Thank semuanya atas kunjungannya