Kamis, 01 April 2010

The Wrong Parachute

There were three passengers in a plane. They were a businessman, a student, and old man.
Suddenly the pilot informed them, "In a few seconds the plane will crash.
Unfortunately, we only have three parachutes. Since I have to report the accident to the base,
I will take one." Then the pilot jumped out of the plane.
"I also need a parachute because I'm a big shareholder who can control the economic development," the businessman said an grabbed another parachute.
"Come on, boy, you need this parachute," said the old man, looking at the student's face deeply.
"I have been in this world for so long. I have known about bitter and sweet experiences in this world. So save yourself." Then, he handed the student the last parachute.
"Don't worry, Sir. That parachute is for you," the student replied happily. "I already have my parachute. The one that the businessman took was rucksack."

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Anak Jambi mengatakan...

keren infonya, oiy sob, dengan senang hati saya mau kok tukaran link, ntar kalau dah di pasang konfirmasi saya ya..

baraapi mengatakan...

good job....