Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Be Careful when We have been Shopping with Our Children at Plasa or Mall

Some women prefer to shop on the plaza or mall with a variety of reasons and alternatives, such as goods that are available in the plaza and the mall is more complete and neat arrangement that makes the attraction of visitors. In addition to safe and comfortable as well not have to bargain, all items are presented with fixed prices.

When we shop in the plaza or mall with our children, we must consider their safety.
Because in the shopping center plaza or mall, such as its vast area and consists of several floors. To go one floor to another floor using the escalator

Several cases of child accidents such as wedged his foot in the escalator or fell from the top floor we hear the familiar. It happened because of negligence of our lack of attention to children while shopping at the plaza.

Keep in mind the following when you shop with children in the plaza or mall:

- If you are in escalator towed child should not let alone.
- Supervise children. Do not let your children away from us and thither or playing alone.
- advise children not to far from us, especially when we're selecting the goods that we will buy.
- If you need to take baby sister to accompany our children.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Tips for Wearing Perfume Durable

The way a person keep up appearances in order to remain confident in the interaction with people is to beautify themselves, either inside of beauty or physical beauty.
Beauty from within ( inner beauty ) is shown by the behavior and good personality.
Physical beauty is to maintain body fitness and to beautify the body and face.

No less important is the use of scent or perfume for the body smelling perfume / fragrance.
Keep in mind when using spraying perfume is how her and in which areas. For your perfume durable following tips:
1. Spray perfume on the skin of the wrists, inner elbows and neck.
Do not spray on clothing because it can make your clothes stained.
2. If you shaped perfume spray should spray it with a distance of about 30 cm into your body, it will make spreading evenly and long lasting perfume.
3. For men, spray perfume on the chest then the right and left front.
Please try surely you will believe in yourself and be yourself.

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010


Blue brushed of my distress
My restless, my tired
Blue scrape my doubts
My anxiety, my tears

Blue calm my heart, my soul
Blue sky, blue ocean
Blue rainbow
Not the blue treasure, rank