Jumat, 11 November 2011


How much weight when you were pregnant of me
You fight for me on life in your womb
And you struggled against death, when I gave birth
For the sake of showing the beauty of the world and welcoming my new life

When I cried I was thirsty you were breast-feeding with your love When I cried you replaced my wet pants without a sense of disgust
You made me slept with tenderness heart
You were so impatient when I was naughty

Mother ... ...
You were so quiet to shade me
You were so sincere affection
Your selfless sacrifice
Not expecting anything in returned at all

Mother ... ..
I am sorry ...
Not much can I do for you
In between my busy schedules to block me

Mother ....
Your prayer always accompany my steps

Mother ... ..
I want you to always be happy
Stepping on the twilight days of the year
May God always bless you

* For those who have a mother and born of a mother
Let’s us look at her on the sidelines - our busy schedules