Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Naturally Facial Skin Care

Every woman would like to have facial skin that smooth, soft and white .
To get the skin as it does not have to care on beauty salon , can be done at home .  The ingredient  used quite readily available , can be purchased at the fruit shop or in the market . Yeah ingredient used is bengkoang .

Take pieces of bengkoang , peeled it . Then be washed . Grate pieces of bengkoang and squeeze . Leave in 1 hour in order to separate the juice of bengkoang starch with water . After the bengkoang starch settle, wasting its water , then dry  bengkoang starch  in the sun or in the oven . If the bengkoang starch have be dried then make into a powder .

This bengkoang powder is used as a mask for facial skin care that become smooth soft and light on your face skin  . How to use skin care with this bengkoang powder  are following :  clean the face of the dirt . Take a taste bengkoang powder , mix with rose water until be  in lotion , then rub this lotion on the face thoroughly, let stand 20 minutes  . After that, rinse your face with warm water .  Facial skin care with using bengkoang powder can be done  2-3 times a week . When it be done on regularly, face skin will be smooth, soft , white and bright. Good luck.