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7 Signs of High Cholesterol in the Blood

High cholesterol in the blood could cause various diseases in our body such as high blood pressure, coronary cardiac and stroke. Without realize the cases, there are still a lot of people  who ignore it, and suddenly people who get suffering from high cholesterol in acute conditions. Well, I will share 7 signs of high cholesterol in the blood so that the readers can know that clearly.

 7 Signs of high cholesterol in the blood which are as follows ;

1. Pins and Needless
Often feel pins and needless in hands, feet or a specific body part is a sign of the blood flow is not smooth so there are  nerves which do not get supply the blood and oxygen  sufficiently. One of causes the blood flow is not smooth is the cholesterol.

2. Dizziness in the Head behind
Dizziness or  the head back feels heavy to watch out, it could be due to high cholesterol. Cholesterol causes blockage of the blood vessels around the head. If left unchecked, it could result in rupture of blood vessels that causes stroke.

3. Stiffness in the Nape of the Neck or the Shoulder
Shoulder and nape ached could be due to lack of oxygen and blood on these areas, and due to the buildup of cholesterol. Therefore, do to overcome it immediately.
4. Pain in the Foot
The leg feels pain could be a sign of high cholesterol. Cholesterol causes blockage of the arteries so that blood flow to the leg  hampered.

5. Easy to get Sleepy
Frequent yawning occurs due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain. Often getting sleepy unnatural  may be due to the buildup of cholesterol that clogs blood vessels so that supply  oxygen to the brain can not be optimal.

6. Nail Color Change
Nail color is not normally as sign of high cholesterol. Disruption of blood circulation causes the nail does not get enough the blood supply so that there will be changes that can be recognized easily, namely: nails thicken and slower growth.

7. Have Cramp at Night
Cramp in some of the body be caused of high cholesterol. It can be felt at night after wake  up, namely: cramp in the leg, ankle, foot and more. The pain will disappear  itself when you move the body.

If you feel the signs above, immediately do effort the treatment correcty in order not to disturb your health condition.

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