Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 2 )

There will be many worthy of damnation
There will be many betrayals
Children will be against father
Siblings will be against siblings
Friends will become enemies
Students will show hostility toward teachers

Neighbours will become suspicious of each other
And ruthles ness will be everywhere
The eyewitness has to take the responsibility
The ones who have nothing to do with the case will be prosecuted

One day when there will armagedon
In the east, in the west, in the south, and in the north
Good people will suffer more
Bad people will be happier
When this happens, a rice cooker will be said to be an egret

The wrong person will be assumed to be honest
Betrayers will live in the utmost of material comfort
The deceitful will decline even further
The evil persons will rise to the top
The modest will be trapped
The noble will be imprisoned
The fraudulent will be ferocious
The honest will unlucky

Many merchants will fly in a mess
Gamblers will become more addicted to gambling
Illegal things will be everywhere
Many babies will be born outside of legal marriage
Women will propose marriage
Men will lower their own status

The merchandise will be left unsold
Many people will suffer from starvation and inability to afford clothing
Buyers will become more sophisticated
Sellers will have to use their brains and mucle to do business

In the way they earn a living, people will be as rice paddies being swung
Around and blown up
Some will go wild out of control
Those who are not ambitious will complaint of being left behind
The ones on the top will get lostThe ordinary people will slip

The arrogant ones will be impaled
The fearful ones will not survive
The risk takers will be successful
The ones who are afraid of taking the risks will be crushed under foot

The careless ones will be wealthy
The careful ones will whine about their suffering
The crazy ones will get their portion
The ones who are mentally and physically healthy will think wisely
The farmers will be controlled

Those who are corrupt will spend their fortune lavishly
The queen who does not keep her promises will lose her power
The leaders will become ordinary persons
The ordinary people will become leaders
The dishonest persons will rise to the top

The honest ones will be unlucky
There will be many people own a house on horseback
People will attack other people
Children will ignore their fathers
Parents will not want to take their responsibility as parents
Merchants will sell out of their merchandise
Yet, they will lose money

Many people will die from starvation in prosperous times
Many people will have lots of money yet, be unhappy in their lives
The crazy one will be beautifully attired
The insane will be able to build a lavish estate
The ones who are fair and sane will suffer in their lives in will be isolated
There will be internal wars
As a result of misunderstandings between those at the top

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