Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 3 )

The numbers of evil doers will increase sharply
There will be more criminals
The good people will live in misery
There will be many people die in a war
Others will be disoriented, and their property burnt
The honest will be confused
The dishonest will be joyful

There will be disappearance of great riches, titles, and jobs
There will be many illegal goods
There will be many babies born without fathers
Those people who forget God's will may be happy on earth
But those who are remember God's will are destined to be happier still

Ruthlessness will become worse
Everywhere the situation will be chaotic
Doing business will be more difficult
Workers will challenge their employers
The employers will become bait for their employees
Those who speak out will be more influential

The wise ones will be ridiculed
The evil ones will be worshiped
The knowledgeable ones will show no compassion
The pursuit of materials comfort will incite crime
Job titles will become enticing
Those who act arbitrarily will feel as if they are the winners

Those who act wisely will feel as if everything is wrong
There will be leaders who are weak in their faith
Their vice regent will be selected from among the ranks of the gamblers
Those who have a holy heart will be rejected
Those who are evil, and know how to flatter their boss, will be promoted

Human exploitation will be worse
The corpulent thieves will be able to sit back and relax
The hen will hact eggs in a carrying pole
Thieves will not be afraid to challenge the target
Robbers will dissent into greater evil
Looters will be given applause
People will slander their caregivers

Guards will steel the very things they are to protect
Guarantors will ask for collateral
Many will ask for blessings
Everybody will compete for personal victory
Ruthlessness will be everywhere

Religions will be questioned
Many people will be greedy for power, wealth and position
Rebelliousness will increase
Religious law will be broken
Human rights will be violated
Ethics will left behind

Many will be insane, cruel and immoral
Ordinary people will be segregated
They will become the victims of evil and cruel persons
Then there will come a queen who is influential
She will have her own armies
Her country will measured one-eighth the circumference of the world
The number of people who commit bribery will increase
The evil ones will be accepted

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