Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Jayabaya Prediction ( Part 1 )

Jayabaya was the famous King in Kediri Kingdom.
He lead his government in the year 1135 - 1157 M. Jayabaya was great with his prediction about situation and condition of Java Island in the next future.

The below the content of Jayabaya prediction :

One day there will be a cart without a horse
The island of Java will be circled by an iron necklace
There will be a boat flying in the sky
The river will loose its current
There will be markets without crowds
These are the signs that the Jayabaya era is coming.

The earth will shrink
Every inch of land will be taxed
Horses will devour chili sauce
Women will dress in men's clothes
These are the signs that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down.

Many promises unkept
Many break their oath
People will tend to blame on each other
They will ignore God's law
Evil things will be lifted up
Holy things will be despised.

Many people will become fixated on money
Ignoring humanity
Forgetting kindness
Abandoning their families.

Fathers will abandon their children
Children will be disrespectful to their mothers
And battle against their fathers
Siblings will collide violently
Family members will become suspicious of each other.

Friends become enemies
People will forget their roots
The queen's judgements will be unjust
There will be many peculiar and evil leaders
Many will behave strangely.

Good people will be isolated
Many people will be too embarrassed to do the right things
Choosing falsehood instead
Many will be lazy to work
Seduced by luxury
They will take the easy path of crime and deceit.

The honest will be confused
The dishonest will be joyful
The good will be rejected
The evil ones will rise to the top.

Noble people will be wounded by unjust criticism
Evil doers will be worshiped
Women will become shameless
Men will loose their courage
Men will choose not to get married
Women will be unfaithful to their husbands.

Mothers will sell their babies
Women will engage in prostitution
Couples will trade partners
Women will ride horses
Men will be carried in a stretcher.

A divorcee will be valued at 17 cents
A virgin will be valued at 10 cents
A crippled men will be valued at 75 cents
Many will earn their living by trading their knowledge.

Many will claims other's merits as their own
It is only a cover for the dice
They will proclaim their righteousness despite their sinful ways.

Many will use sly and dirty tricks
Rains will fall in the wrong season
Many women will remain virgins into their old age
Many divorcees will give birth
Newborns will search for their fathers.

Religions will be attacked
Humanitarianism will no longer have importance
Holy temples will be hated
They will be more fond of praising evil places
Prostitution will be everywhere.

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