Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

To Overcome Lack of Blood

Everyone's body can lack of blood because gets sick, the bad health and so on. Sign a lack of blood are face looks pale, if sit over long as see stars, the body felt weak, lost spirit and often unconscious. To overcome lack of blood in our body follow the recipe below.

Prepared ingredients :
2 ( two ) eggs of free-range chicken.
1 ( one ) spoon of pure honey.
1 ( one ) handful of spinach leaves.
1 ( one ) lemon.

Direction for use.
Take eggs yolk from eggs of free-range chicken, put in the glass. Add pure honey, lemon juice mix well. Pound the spinach leaves, take its juice than pour with mixture above than stir well. Please drink the ingredients for 3 days continued. Surely the body felt fresh, healthy and comfortable. Next, to keep a good health of body, drink the ingredients once a week.
Please try it.

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