Sabtu, 14 Maret 2009

How Important to Manage Time in Our Daily Life

Western people say that time is money. They use time well, have full discipline and responsibility in running a job. So, for career persons, "time is money". Everybody needs money. It shows that money takes an important role in everybody's life. Without having money, anybody can't buy anything. they consider that the importance of money is the same as the importance of time in their daily life.

Persons who neglect their time will cause unlucky things to them. For example : An architect who does not attend the meeting for planning a building for a hotel will have big loss though he has signed the contract. So, a student who can't manage her time because she does not schedule the activities will not pass her examination.

Therefore, managing time is important. All of us know that time can't be reviewed. So, when we face unlucky things because of our own fault, we shall regret later.

How do we manage our time in daily life? Make a schedule, after making a schedule, we must obey the schedule we make. It will help us. What time will we start a certain activity. The below are the right steps to manage time well.
  1. Consider what kind of activities that we will do on the day.
  2. Select those activities that we give priority.
  3. Make a schedule, put the important activities in the list of the schedule.
  4. Do our activities according to our schedule.
  5. Avoid the activities that only waste our time. For example going some places without planning.
  6. Avoid the habit of canceling an activity. Use our time effectively.

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