Rabu, 18 Maret 2009


In the small village live a grandmother with her married grandchild and two lover animals.
One day in the evening day, grandmother went to a midwife's house hurriedly.
After she arrived there and facing with midwife herself. With nervous grandmother said, "I am sorry, please help me. With smiled midwife said, "Pardon me, can help you madam?"
"All right. Please come to my house right now." Without thinking twice, they left together quickly.
After they arrived at that house, the midwife asked, "Who will give birth, madam?" Without answered midwife's question, grandmother invited her to one of the room, than said, "My lover dog get difficult in giving birth, please help it."
With nervous and face pale midwife said, " I am sorry madam, I don't help it. I think your grandchild who give birth."
Grandmother looked disappointed.

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