Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

A Love Test

Betty was a very beautiful girl. Many boys were in love with her, yet no one succeeded in winning her heart.
One day, a boy who was in love with Betty had a conversation with her.
"Betty, will you be my girlfriend?" asked the boy.
"Well, will you do everything for me if you become my boyfriend?" Betty questioned back.
"No, of course not!" replied the boy confidently.
"Well, I'll be your girlfriend, then," said Betty unexpectedly. "I've only got an honest answer from you."

Through the Wall

"What do you think about the performance?" a boy asked his friend on their way home from a magic-show.
"Not so fantastic, especially the performance of walking through the wall," replied the other boy.
"I walk through the wall every day without any difficult."
"Really?" his friend said surprise. "How?"
"I just walk through the door."

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