Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

How To Be A Loyal Friend

Anyone of us, everyone, can be loyal to our friends
A loyal person is the one who knows and upholds his dignity. Loyal people put themselves in a place that they should be. Loyalty is the "game" for honorable people as Latin proverb says : " Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart."

The problem is you may think that you are a loyal person to your closes friends, but you do things that indicate you are not. It means that you don't know how to be loyal, although you want to be so. In fact, to be a loyal friend is not easy. Anyway, if you can be one and have one, you are most likely going to have a qualified life and be happy. A French proverb puts it this way: "A faithful friend is an image of God."

Here are some inspirations of becoming a loyal friend :
1. A loyal friend doesn't reveal his friend's secret. Whatever secret your friend has, you should keep it for yourself. You can reveal it to others if your friend tells you so. The more significant his secret is, the more careful you have to keep it. You are even required to tell a lie, if you are force to tell it. Once you reveal your friend's secret, especially if it spawns hostility to your friend, you are no longer loyal to him.

2. A loyal friend only tells his secret to his friend. It means that he believes and trusts his friend. Good friendship is when you can be yourself as sincerely as possible. You are not in the good relationship, if you have to be pretending to be someone else. Healthy friendship is two direction relationship. He keeps your secrets, and you keep his secrets. If you don't trust your friend, you are no longer loyal to her.

3. A loyal friend doesn't let his friend make mistakes. A loyal friend always care about his friend. Once you let your friend make a mistake while you know and have time to straighten it, but you don't do it, you are not a loyal friend. Loyal friends share experiences, good or bad. The bigger mistake your friend is going to make, the more obliged you are to tell him how bad it will likely give impact on him

4. A loyal friend lets his friend grow and develop. A loyal friend doesn't want to be a nuisance in his friend's education and life. A good friendship takes place if those who are in the friendship can grow and develop together. Good friends want to be good people together. They also support one another to achieve their ambition and life goals.

5. A loyal friend doesn't want to badmouth his friend. there is no time for gossip to grow in the good relationship. Once you hear something strange about your friend, you feel free to clarify it. It is not that you want to take a control of your friend, you only want to know the truth for the sake of friendship. In good friendship you can to talk to your friend, man to man. Badmouthing and friendship can not go together. Over and above, there is only two choices you have, and you have to take only one of the two. You want to be his friend or you want to be her friend or you want to badmouth him.

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