Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

To Overcome Bored Feeling

Everybody have ever felt bored, certainly. Bored feeling can be caused many kinds of problem such as a stack of work have been not finished ,not like for anything, etc.
We are too busy with our daily activity also can cause bored. So, unsatisfid to everything can create bored feeling.

When we are getting bored, we will feel unpleasant or uncomfortable in our mind. If it occurs over long time, it will create our mind in stress.

Below some tips and tricks to overcome bored feeling.
  • When we are very busy with daily activity, please stop it in a few minutes. Let' doing everything which make us feel pleasantas reading komedy story, listening music, etc.
  • Take a rest for enough.
  • Take spend on your weekend with family or friends so that you are fresh again.
  • Positive thinking within responding any problems or issue which come every time
  • Enjoy your life as like flowing water.

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