Kamis, 19 November 2009

A Long Journey to be Healthy

Like a trip, health is a long journey which we take as long as we live.
Anybody who chooses a healthy way of life not only prepares well for the future well, but also enjoys life much better . The following are tips to live a healthy life.

A. Good Habits
To have a good health is not difficult. The difficulty is the shaping of healthy habits.
A simple example is the smoking habit. Even those who know about the disadvantages of smoking cannot leave this bad habit easily. It is easier to change a bad habit than to leave it all together.
If we have the smoking habit, for instance, it is better for us to change the habit by chewing fresh fruit.

B. Good Nutrition
Consuming good and nutritious food every day does not only make our body healthy but also give us sufficient energy for our daily activities. Much of our health is influenced by the food we consume. Therefor, if we consider our health important, we should have a positive attitude towards the food we eat. Consequently, we should be able to manage our own menu, choose good and nutritious meals, eat a balanced diet, and control ourselves so that we do not consume too much food.

C. Relationships and Feelings
Our relationships with people who are close to us can make our life healthy or damage our health. A good relationships with others is an influential factor to make us healthy. On the other hand, a bad relationship is a factor which can damage our health. A good relationship with others, such as friends and family members, and even pets and plants, has a good influenceon our health.
Our feeling can also influence our health. Feeling sad and being isolated, for example, can make us physically tired. In such condition, our body will change a certain chemical substance which can cause a predisposition to poor health. The latest psychological research done by Pinko L. Graves and Jhon W. Shaffer at Jhon Hopkins University, School of Medicine also proves that feeling is an influential factor to make us healthy or sick. According to the research, people who constantly feel lonely and show bad temper and engaged in negative thinking might possibly suffer from cancer at some future time.

D. Rest and Relaxation
Air, water and food, are the sources of fuel for our body. While we are doing our activities, our muscles, joints and minds are busy. Relaxation and rest give them time to be free from their tasks. Rest and relaxation are important factors to gather new energy that we need to do the next activities.
Sleeping at night is an example of a perfect rest. Self - healing happens while we are sleeping. When we sleep, our bodies prepare for future activities and repair the damaged cells.

E. Activities and Sports
Both activities and sports involve the muscle of he body.
Most of our daily activities need the involvement of our muscles. We need exercises to keep our strength in balance. Those who exercise regularly will have a fit body, mental alertness, and a calmer attitude. Sports indeed have many advantages; these include a good stamina, more energy, a better body shape, a calm mind, healthy heart and lungs, and a longer life.

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