Selasa, 03 November 2009


Every organization needs a good leader, but not all people have qualities to become a leader.
Some people think that the leader's job is in getting work done by other people, or in getting people work for you when they are under no obligation to do so, etc. No matter what point we start from in a discussion of leadership, we inevitably reach the conclusion that the art of being a leader is the art of developing people.

Whilst it is true that those in authority can be trained and educated for their tasks, they must have certain qualities which can be developed for effective leadership.

A. Basic Qualities
1. Understanding
A leader must try to understand people and their behaviors, why they react in different ways and have diverse needs.

2. Ability to enlist cooperation
The striving, planning and working towards a common goal must be a united effort based on mutual respect.

3. Ability to delegate
Those who cannot delegate will never be successful leaders. Not only do they become overwhelmed and incapable of performing their true functions, they also deprive others of opportunity and of finding satisfaction in their work.

4. Wisdom
Wise judgement and the ability to make decisions are vital and justice can never be separated from judgement. The leader needs courage, knowledge, facts and must have the wisdom to make wise decisions.

B. Personal Qualities
1. Self control and self respect.
The leader who understands himself is in a position to exercise self control.
This understanding does not mean introspection, but the ability to recognize his own weakness and be sufficiently humble to conduct himself with poise and serenity which in turn produces self-respect.

2. Beliefs and values.
The personality of the individual will influence the quality of leadership.
Beliefs, values and attitudes are part of the make up of people and can influence the whole of their conducts.

3. Moral courage and determination.
One of the most important function of a leader is to give support in times of stress, giving the encouragement and sympathy that is needed in order to progress through a period of trial or strain.

4. Sense of humor.
This is a great asset. There are few occasions which can not be lightened by cheerful counenance and frequently there is room for optimism. Leadership should be enjoyed and it should contact with people with the possibility of happiness depending on how the person looks at the situation.

If all these qualities are considered together, they will be found in a person whose character is harmony, someone who posses through self-knowledge and appreciation of the needs of others, a balanced objective outlook which can control and direct a situation and bring out the best in them.

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