Rabu, 30 September 2009

Taking a Vacation at Tawangmangu Landscape

Last year ago I and my village friends took a vacation at Tawangmangu landscape.
We went Tawangmangu landscape by bus. Tawangmangu landscape was a interesting place that located in Karanganyar, Surakarta, Central Java exactly at foot of Lawu mountain.
To reach there we needed time for 1,5 hours from Surakarta.

When of our traveling got reach at Karanganyar, we passed a sinuous road, and the beside of road be found the ravine. We had to be careful when passed the sinuous road, because it was very dangerous.

Not long we had arrived at Tawangmangu landscape. Many people who spent time their vacation.
In there we could find many fresh vegetables and many fresh fruits like carrot, radish, sweet potato, orange and strawberry. How exciting!!

It was cool the weather in Tawangmangu landscape. There were many leafy trees its surrounding. Besides that there were some wild monkeys in its surrounding. Be careful with the wild monkeys, because something which we brough would be asked by he wild monkeys, if we didn't give them so they attacked us.

It was most interesting at Tawangmangu landscape, that was the waterfall its named "Grojogan Sewu waterfall" There was the river under the Grojogan Sewu waterfall. What a beautiful and amazing it. Besides, we enjoyed the waterfall, we could swim at the swiming pool in there.

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