Senin, 06 Juni 2011

Esay to Drive

A crowd of people were standing in the street. They were looking at a new car.
The car was outside a showroom. It was a new model and many people wanted to see it.
A salesman noticed the crowd and came into the street.
“ It’s a beautiful model, isn’t it?” the salesman said.
“ It certainly is,” a man agreed, Is it automatic?”
“ Oh yes,” the salesman answered proudly. “ There aren’t any gears in this car. You press your foot down and drive away. It’s very easy to drive. Even a woman can drive it without difficulty.”
“ I didn’t like that remark,” a woman said.
“ I’m sorry, madam, “ the salesman answered. “ I didn’t notice you. Anyway, I was only joking.”
“ Give us a demonstration,” the woman said. Drive a few yards.”
The salesman smiled with pleasure. He got into the car and started the engine.
Then he press a button and the car suddenly went backwards.
There was a loud crash and the car went through the window of showroom.

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