Senin, 03 November 2008


Sitting is a daily routine. At home, at school, at office and anywhere we can't leave behind of habit of sit. We feel comfortable if doing something with sit.
Many people don't care about their position of sit. Although it is not important but we ignore, it causes negative effect for our body in the future, such as painful sensation on spinal column. Unconsciously this case becomes a habit for people who often sit behind the table, play video game, use computer or so only sit down. When we were in little child perhaps we often sat with a wrong position or any old way position. And negative effect will be felt for us about over 40 years old.
Sitting with a right position that is when we sit position of body must be constant up right so that not impressed bend over, because it can make painful on spinal column in the next future.
How about sit with a right position?
1. Put the sole of foots on the floor in parallel and balance not hang.
2. Please sit it in balance.
3. Put up the chest straight and rather go up to above.
4. Be relax and flexible the shoulder.
5. Make position the head rather parallel with the shoulder.
6. Bow the head a little.
7. Don't sit over long, because it will suffer from hemorrhoids, try to move or stand every two

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