Jumat, 17 Juni 2016

Getting Reward Gift from Toluna

How pleasant if we get a gift.

I would like share my experience to all readers on this blog.
Well, a couple of days ago, I got a reward gift from Toluna. It is the second time I received a reward gift from Toluna.

What is Toluna? Toluna is an online, paid, survey community and also  a survey panel, where we can take surveys for money or other gifts.
The reward gift can be redeemed as money, or gift cards, such giant voucher, carrefour voucher, hypermart voucher etc.

So I redeemed the reward gift  in the form of money .
I took an online survey by joining  Toluna. After I registered, I filled in a blank form and submitted it, then Toluna accepted me as member. 

Joining Toluna is free. When Toluna has online surveys, it sends an invitation email to all Toluna members, asking them to take and complete the online surveys.
To answer some questions, and share our thoughts ( opinion ) on an online survey, takes around 15 – 20 minutes. It is easy and simple.

Sometimes we are commanded to watch a video about a product on the survey, then we share our opinion about it. After we finish completing an online survey, we get market points directly. Then we can redeem them into a reward gift.

I usually take and complete an online survey by either a PC or android mobile. And I redeem my market points as a reward gift if the market points accumulate a lot,  then i choose the reward gift in the form of money.

Are you interested in getting reward gifts from Toluna as I did? Yeah, everybody can join Toluna.

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