Jumat, 13 Februari 2015


We can not live without other people. We need others to meet our needs and to attain happiness. The saying describes the importance of communication in friendship.
Communication in our lives is mainly based on our relationship with others. We interact with others to share information. To exchange  ideas, to make plans, and to solve problems.

To maintain our good communication and relationship with others on friendship, we can take the three basic steps below.

Try to Listen
When communicating with others, listening is very important. Our partner will be happy if we pay attention to him. We should notice that listening also needs the facial expressions. When others talking to us, we should look at their eyes to show that we are interested in the topic. The basic principle in listening is giving and taking. This principle means that we should not only act as storyteller who dominates the conversation. We must also behave as as good listener when others are talking to us. We will always learn something new if we are willing to give opportunities to others to state their opinions. Surely, our friends will get very bored if we dominate the conversation.

Show Respect
We should be careful when we are engaged in a conversation. We should not underestimate our friends, we should respect them. To respect others, we should let them express themselves. We should also open ourselves to others so that we can develop our lives better. We should remember that we are not supposed to force others to do what we want. Different ideas, philosophy of lives, and characters will always enrich our understanding towards lives.

Give Smiles
 People believe that smiling is like an effective medicine that cures all diseases. When we say something wrong unintentionally, others will tolerate our mistakes if we honestly admit our mistakes. Asking for apologies while smiling is a good way to build closer relationship with others on friendship.

Speaking without smiling will indeed create a monotonous communication. However, we must also consider the situation in which we are engaged. In this case, we must understand whether we have a serious or relaxed conversation. When we discuss a serious matter, we should not smile too often so that we can maintain the atmosphere. To conclude, smile only when necessary.

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