Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Papaya benefits to Health

Do you know a papaya ?  Do you like it? Yeach , papaya is a universal fruit that rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. We can get papaya anywhere, almost all fruit minimarket and fruit shop selling papaya. Papaya tree can grow in anywhere  place in highland as well as lowland besides it not depend on season.
Papaya is very beneficial to keep a healthy body. Besides rich in vitamins and minerals also contains pectin substance and papain substances. People who eat the fruit contains pectin, a sense of satiety four hours longer than people who also eat fruit, but do not contain pectin. Papain substances are  able to help our body to digest foods that have a size 35 times larger than the size of the papayas that we consume. This substance, spread throughout the fruit from the skin to the seed,
Eating papaya regularly, can keep us from the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. Besides it, the eating papaya regularly also create intestinal mucus-which negatively affect on  our digestive system-can be reduced, even intestinal parasites can be digested.
The following advantages of consuming papaya to keep of health
1.    Papaya is a fruit that is low in calories but contains a lot of nutrients, so it is very good for those who are consumed in the diet

2.    Papaya can help speed up the process of protein digestion

3.    Papaya helps improve sperm quality. Papaya proved significantly in helping the process of male fertility. By taking vitamin C contained by papaya as much as 500 milligrams per day, so the men can increase sperm count, stimulating a more fertile, and-most importantly-accelerating movement of sperm, which in turn accelerates the occurrence of pregnancy,

4.    Papaya  is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer

5.    Another benefit is that it can be useful for those who have problems of indigestion and constipation

6.    Can be used for detoxification, which remove toxins in the body. You do this by eating a sufficient amount of fresh papaya

7.    Increasing endurance and immune because papaya contains  lots of vitamin C

Please consume papaya to keep your health.

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