Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Attending Mujahadah Kubro

A month ago, precisely on December 25, 2010 I attended Mujahadah Kubro (Common Prayer) at Pondok Pesantren Kedonglo Kediri in the framework of the birth anniversary Sholawat Wahidiyah. Sholawat is useful to calm of bad feelling and makrifat billah (conscious of Allah SWT wa Rasullihi SAW).
Events Mujahadah kubro lasted for 4 days and was attended by thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country. Mujahadah kubro filled with dhikr and prayer, spiritual enlightenment & a advice from a Caregiver and Boarding Schools Struggle Wahidiyah Kedonglo namely Hadrotul Mukarom Romo KH Abdul Latif Madjid, RA.
The highlight of the evening of December 26, 2010, participants enthusiastically packed the Mujahadah location to take mujahadah and listening to spiritual enlightenment and a advice from him. More and more enthusiastic they took mujahadah in night. Tear loose from their eyelids when Hadrotul Mukarom Romo KH Abdul Latif Madjid, RA gave a advice. Tears flowed break tonight to get the love of the Divine. With regret feeling and remembering all their sins to get forgiveness. As every lover of Allah to pass and reach it. With following the way of Allah lover hoping to best of life in this world.
Desperately needed enlightenment and spiritual guidance for every member to achieve a peaceful life, peaceful and happy.

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